Academic Webinar Series

Commercial and Contract Management continue to gather pace as critical business and social disciplines. There is a growing body of research emanating from both academics and practitioners, reflecting the current cross-disciplinary nature of this competence.

IACCM has launched a series of academically focused initiatives to give voice to that work. These activities aim to build further the network that is contributing to knowledge and progress in these critical areas, enabling its increased impact in the delivery of social and economic value.

Academic Webinar Series is part of IACCM’s endeavor to bring together a community of researchers and practitioners that will support the review and implementation of existing work. The series will, at the same time, provide a forum to act as a catalyst for further research partnerships and activity.

Who can participate? Academics from different jurisdictions and disciplines. 

When will IACCM host the webinars? The Academic Webinar Series will take place every two months. Please review the following schedule and let us know if you are interested in contributing:

  • June 25
  • August 27
  • October 29 
  • December 10

What should you present? Research related to contracting processes and the achievement of sustainable goals. IACCM welcomes inter-disciplinary research on the subject matter.

How will IACCM organize/structure the webinars? All webinars will be live. The structure can be a presentation of the research, a debate, or an interview with the webinar host. The moderator will discuss the details for each webinar beforehand.

Do you need further information? Please reach out to Nevena Jevremovic, at njevremovic@iaccm.com.