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Research Reports The Cost of a Contract - IACCM research report Published: 18 Oct 2018 Type: Research Reports The average cost to businesses of processing and reviewing a basic everyday contract has risen to $6900, according to new research by The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM).
Podcasts Tackling value leakage: Invoice accuracy Published: 10 Jul 2018 Average Rating: 4.5 / 5 Type: Podcasts This podcast draws on data from an IACCM research report that showed invoicing errors represent an average 4.3% of invoice value. Brett Petersen, CEO of Zen Enterprise, and IACCM's Tim Cummins discuss the reasons behind this potential loss of value and ways it can be fixed.
Commitment Matters Blog Are you running blind? Published: 07 Sep 2018 Average Rating: 3.7 / 5 Type: Commitment Matters Blog At the start of this week, I had two very different conversations. In each case, the conversation was with the global head of the Commercial & Contract Management function and in each case they were handling major outsourcing and services agreements. But at this point the stor...
Ask The Expert / Thought-Leadership Webinars Ask The Expert: Gaining Control Over Legal Spend and Value Published: 09 Aug 2018 Average Rating: 3.5 / 5 Type: Ask The Expert / Thought-Leadership Webinars The indirect spend category of legal expenses has fast become a top priority for legal experts all over the world. Traditionally walled off from procurement and business optimization units, the legal department is more open than ever to utilizing business principals to manage ...
Commitment Matters Blog Cutting Legal Costs Published: 16 Jul 2018 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Workload for the average law department has grown, but this has not made them immune to pressure for improved cost control and reduction. Achieving this can be challenging, especially since spend management discipline is not an innate competency within these departments.
Ask The Expert / Thought-Leadership Webinars Ask The Expert: Buying and Selling based on Best Value enables both parties to be more profitable... How do you do it? Published: 22 Mar 2018 Average Rating: 4.5 / 5 Type: Ask The Expert / Thought-Leadership Webinars Buying and Selling based on Best Value enables both parties to be more profitable. Companies that buy based on best value are 36% more profitable. A value based sales strategy makes them 35% more profitable than those with weak value execution. By focusing on the right things,...
Articles / White Papers Commercial Round-Up: Highlights of the Week (April 16-22, 2018) Published: 23 Apr 2018 Average Rating: 4.5 / 5 Type: Articles / White Papers A weekly round-up of stories and events from the world of commercial management. April 16-22, 2018
Ask The Expert / Thought-Leadership Webinars Webinar - Recapturing Millions of Dollars by Leak-Proofing Your Contracts Processes Published: 08 May 2018 Average Rating: 3.2 / 5 Type: Ask The Expert / Thought-Leadership Webinars The average company 'leaks' over 9% of its revenues annually due to contracts-related issues, according to IACCM data. Listen to this webinar to learn how your company can be recapturing Millions of Dollars by Leak-Proofing Your Contracts Processes.
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2016-06-21 09:15:25

Professional Services Rate BLS Indexes (U.S.)

Can anyone recommend the best BLS index between CPI-U, PPI, and ECI for looking at historical changes in labor rates for Professional Services? Thanks
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BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
2016-06-01 10:31:25

The ROI of Contract Management - Part One

This is a very interesting topic "The ROI of Contract Management." I have thought numerous times as to how to quantify the merits of Contract Management to m...
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Is really 'Open Book accounting' efficient for buyer?

CCM certification into the slide 'Acceptable levels of supplier profitability', it mentions the use of 'Open book accounting' strategy as a way to obtain an acceptable...
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2015-08-15 10:59:50

Is human resources an asset?

In accounting, we consider all types of tangible and intangible assets to calculate the net income and to measure the overall performance of the organization. But why ...
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Vendor Reference Check Questions

I am formulating a question set to ask the references provided to my firm by prospective vendors and am looking for standard questions that others ask of reference org...
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2015-04-28 23:17:04

Should we consider Cancelation / Postponement of Tenders/ Contracts as a saving ??

We have an internal debate about the cancelation/postponement of Contracts and if it falls under the criterion of saving. For cancelation: In our view, challenging ...
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APM Group
2014-09-14 13:08:25

Recent UK Legal chnages

I was told recently about a change to UK Law affecting contracts and the length of time and the quantity of evidence that had to be retained as a result. Please can s...
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2014-07-03 07:26:54

Content of IT Service Contracts

Hi, Please can some one help me with list of "must have" in ADM contracts. I want to check the contract that I am going to manage has it and ensure i dont m...
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