Contract Benchmarking

People and companies want to buy from businesses that make it simple and easy and sellers want to close deals fast. Contract documents affect both of these areas – the perception of being easy to work with and the speed it takes to execute a contract.


Many organizations are now looking to undertake competitive analysis of their terms and conditions. IACCM provides a solution which is based on many years of experience within the global market. In particular we can demonstrate:

  • Extensive experience on contract analysis and benchmarking for global clients;
  • Use of the latest technology to support effective and efficient analysis;
  • A unique repository of best practice examples gleaned from our advisory and benchmarking services together with the Contract Design Awards;
  • A history of focus on commercial contracts and the strengths and weaknesses of many different models; and
  • Over 15 years of research on contracts including most negotiated terms which informs clients on the norms and standards within industry and the sources of competitive advantage.

As a not for profit organization supported by membership, IACCM has independence and the strongest ethical standards. This model means that IACCM can support clients with solutions that are cost effective, valuable and objective.

How IACCM can help

The IACCM has a team of some of the foremost experts in the field of Contract Management and Contract Analysis. We are equipped with very powerful tools designed to perform precise benchmarking.

IACCM undertakes comparative analysis of documentation currently in use by the requesting organization and its identified competitors*. The analysis then generates a report highlighting the extent and nature of variations, with at a minimum the following observations:

  • differences of structure (particularly looking at number of links to external sources)
  • differences of content (wording, positioning, additions / omissions)
  • differences of intent
  • observations on comparative ease of use

For more information please contact advisory@iaccm.com

* comparisons are undertaken against competitor terms and conditions that are publicly available.