IACCM Capability Maturity Analysis Your first step towards contracting excellence

In today's complex and competitive global economy, the contracting process has become a critical source of strength… or weakness. Remove the mystery from the contracting process. Gain objective insights into today’s performance, comparisons to the outside world and a realistic assessment of business impact.

Why undertake the analysis?

The IACCM Capability Maturity Analysis provides the insights you need to drive added value from your contracting process. Through our research, we know that high performance contracting processes deliver extensive business value, with:

  • Increased satisfaction from trading partners
  • Increased margins from improved revenue or savings
  • Increased brand image from the integrity of your commitments

Whatever your business priorities – increased speed to market, improved reputation, greater compliance, more holistic management of risks, better financial performance, reliable management information – the contracting process has the potential to deliver results.

In today's digital economy, contracts contain a wealth of management insights – the insights that can make a critical difference to performance.

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About the analysis

IACCM offers a confidential and objective analysis of current performance and compares your results against industry norms and world-class standards.

The assessment process is carried out through a standardized, online survey. Unlike many similar assessments, we include stakeholder opinions to ensure objective insights to process performance, not just a purely functional view.

We offer assessment against nine areas of competence and at five levels of performance, comparing your results with competition and world-class standards.

About the IACCM Capability Maturity Analysis

The IACCM Capability Maturity Model was developed by a cross-industry, international team of practitioners and experts, who used 6-Sigma experience and techniques in the underlying design.

The tool enables rapid and accurate assessments of both buy-side or sell-side process performance.

Addressing nine business dimensions, its focus is on the alignments that are driving business outcomes in market or supplier selection, terms and offerings alignment and outcomes.


Your organization’s journey with the IACCM Maturity Model is essentially through a maturity assessment program designed to drive fundamental value into your contracting and relationship processes. It provides a tailored evaluation of your current contracting relationships, processes, and infrastructure. We benchmark your current state against competition and wider industry standards, while maintaining confidentiality. We distill your corporate goals into contracting and relationship objectives. Working together, we define the steps needed to provide measurable improvements and efficiencies that meet your market challenges and corporate dynamics, and we help you evaluate and then set the pace for change.

A unique feature of the IACCM online tool is that results are immediately benchmarked against a portfolio of similar companies and processes, enabling valuable insights on competitiveness and the areas for priority improvement.

The workshop

Review and validate results; develop an improvement plan which has cross-functional support and agreed priorities.

The purpose is simple: to provide you with an agreed improvement plan.

The workshop should include key representatives of the stakeholder groups, so that there is shared commitment to the results. Starting from business goals, what are the most glaring deficiencies in today’s processes? How can contracting deliver greater value? What is the project plan to drive to the next level of maturity?

Optional Extra – Premium Workshop

IACCM can work with your organization to provide insight to more detailed operational benchmarks of process efficiency and effectiveness, highlighting how improvements may be achieved that could lead to increased revenues, margin or competitive advantage. Drawing on IACCM’s extensive data, we can work on issues such as lead-times, head-count, job roles and use of technology to target specific improvement objectives.

Unless otherwise agreed, your organization would be responsible for internal data collection to allow benchmark comparison.

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9 Criteria of engagement

The model uses the following factors to assess capability:

  • Leadership – Executive exposure to the concept of commitment management.
  • Customer Vendor Experience – Plan and track business relationships.
  • Execution & Delivery – Strong focused on results metrics only.
  • Solution Requirements Management – Management & segmentation of product/service categories.
  • Financial – Link T&Cs to price and cost analysis, as part of strategic review.
  • Information Systems / Knowledge Management – use of automation to capture and manage contract and relationship performance.
  • Risk Management – implementation of risk management and its impact on business practices.
  • Strategy – Policy formation for robust, systemized mapping of strategic and operational goals.
  • People Development – Closing skills gaps and development of team members as trusted advisors.