IACCM’s research is at the heart of our best practices and guidance to our members. Over 10 years of focused research into contract and commercial management means that IACCM is the world leader in this area. We provide our all of members with our standard research reports as part of the membership scheme; in addition, we can run bespoke programs which use new and existing data to support benchmarking against geographical or industry norms; finally our Research Forum is an invite-only peer group designed to provide our members with a means of establishing new trends and learning from others who are meeting the same challenges.


Most Negotiated Terms Podcast and Survey

Our podcast explores some interim findings from this year's Most Negotiated Terms survey, which illustrate the topsy-turvy nature of the current business environment. Increased levels of disagreement, yet a trend towards greater harmony; continued focus on risk consequence, but supplemented by terms that better anticipate and manage uncertainty.

2020 is shaping up to be the year when there are real and lasting changes in the approach to negotiation. Learn more from this podcast - and be among the first to receive the full report by contributing to the survey.


Commissioned Research

Bring your questions to us and we will poll the largest concentration of skilled contracting professionals available today and structure their feedback for you. We’ll even help you to analyze the information and tune your contracts!

IACCM is a world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential thought leadership for innovation in global trading relationships and practices. Our outcomes deliver sustainable, achievable, ethical, solutions designed to foster economic growth. We:

  • Engage with governments, the private sector, in open forums and confidential discussions about programs and practices that capitalize on opportunities to achieve their goals and advance commercial and contracting activities and innovation
  • Produce independent and rigorous analysis of critical global and industry specific challenges and opportunities
  • Offer dependable and responsible solutions to decision-makers and shapers.

For more information, please contact us at research@iaccm.com


Research Forum

The IACCM Research Forum is a first of its kind body of leading corporations that aim for world-class standards in contract and commercial management. Membership covers both buy-side and sell-side perspectives and cross-industry representation. The Forum’s purpose is to undertake primary research on topics of major importance within the field of contract and commercial management, backed up by IACCM experts who then work with member organizations to ensure impact. 

The research agenda is determined by the Forum members and enables participants to increase performance through superior management of their trading relationships. Early examples have included studies on the shift to ‘as a service’ contracts; developing world-class post-award contract management; and leading practices in the management of supply ecosystems.

Research topics are established annually through group consensus and there is a minimum of three major studies each year, led by suitably qualified IACCM staff and supported as appropriate by external researchers, academics, and analysts.

Each project results in a high quality “actionable” report, made available exclusively to members of the Forum. Results are presented and discussed at Forum meetings, both physical and virtual. Individual members are then supported in their implementation of findings - for example, via operationalization workshops, training programs or advisory support. There are also formal and informal opportunities for knowledge exchange, inquiries, and on-demand surveys throughout the year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Research Forum, we will be pleased to connect you with existing members who can explain and confirm the value they are achieving from participation.

For more information, please contact us at research@iaccm.com