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Survey participation is open to all.

Given the economic growth opportunities and challenges that you may encounter, having access to data and research to support your business cases and decisions is critical and one of the key benefits of your IACCM membership. To this end, we are updating three surveys which examine areas of organization and performance. Benchmark data is important to your business. It enables you to assess current performance and to make a business case for investment or improvement. Increasingly, executives expect every function to have ready access to reliable external benchmarks and in the field of contract and commercial management, IACCM is the only reliable source. 

We are exploring three areas of organization and performance:

  1. Performance MeasurementsThis survey looks at headcount, contract complexity, measurements used to gauge both individual and functional performance and a range of efficiency indicators (e.g. cycle times, number of contracts per professional etc.)  
  2. Primary Areas of ActivityThis survey looks at scope of role, where responsibilities are performed, time allocated to different activities and use of outsourced or offshore services. 
  3. Value Proposition: The survey you are about to complete focuses on the value that you deliver to the business. It looks at reporting line, objectives, challenges you are facing, the use of automation and skills. 

For all those who complete the survey, there will be a series of thought leadership webinars to further discuss the topics prior to publication.  In addition, you will receive the results a full 60 days prior to general release.  This will culminate in the research being showcased at the European forum 2015.

Access the initial benchmark findings webinar based on 550 respondents to date. 


SME as Public Sector Suppliers – Global Status Survey

Survey participation is open to all.

How well are small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) leveraged as suppliers in government procurement around the globe today? Participate in IACCM’s research to understand the benefits, risk, attitudes and contributions of SMEs as public sector suppliers. Your perspective is important and the survey is a quick 23 questions, mostly in multiple choice format. Your input will not be shared with a third party and you will get a copy of the ensuing report.

Click here to begin the survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IACCM-SMBs

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