Individual Skills & Competency Assessment

IACCM Individual Membership includes a free annual personal Skills & Competency Assessment, providing a benchmarked analysis that will underpin your ongoing development plan. Corporate members should contact their regional representative for pricing for corporate member access to the IACCM Skills & Competency Assessment.

In addition to identifying your skill gaps and demonstrating your commitment to ongoing professional development, the assessment also determines your eligibility to apply for advanced levels of IACCM certification. This includes the Advanced Practitioner and Expert level certifications in Contract & Commercial Management and Supplier Relationship Management.

How it works

The confidential self-assessment is completed online, and is based on a series of areas of skill and experience. You will nominate a reviewer, typically your line manager, who will validate your input. The resulting analysis will highlight your areas of strength, along with any skill and competence gaps, benchmarked against your peers across industries and regions. This unique approach draws from a database of worldwide cross-industry data to provide unrivalled insights.


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