Skills & Competency Assessment Unique benchmarks that support organizational development

The IACCM online assessment tool provides a benchmarked gap analysis to underpin competency development at individual, team or functional level. Regardless of your organizational structure or location, the IACCM Skills & Competency Assessment provides the insights that you need to achieve commercial excellence.


The analysis identifies skills and competence gaps, both within the team and against industry benchmarks. This unique approach draws from a database of worldwide cross-industry data to provide insights that ensure targeted training and development initiatives and enable monitoring of their effectiveness.

The assessment

IACCM offers a confidential and objective analysis of current performance and compares your results against industry norms and world-class standards.

IACCM’s Skills & Competency Assessment program is part of its overall professional development offering and has been adopted by leading corporations and public sector agencies worldwide. The online tool flexibly handles different organizational models and the results allow you to validate the skills and experience needed for contract and commercial competence.

Through continuous monitoring and industry consultation, IACCM has defined the skills and competencies which together support commercial excellence.

Easy to use and secure

The online tool is secure and available 24/7.

As an individual, compare your skills against those in your organization, your industry or the top quartile globally.

As a functional head, identify team strengths and weaknesses; compare your team’s professional contribution to that of others in your sector; look at relative proficiency on particular contract types; look at typical make up of your team compared to others based on qualifications, number of years of experience.

Why undertake the assessment?

IACCM's benchmark studies have identified skills development as the number one priority in raising contract management and commercial performance.

The assessment data enables you to act faster and with immediate, targeted effect.


Many organizations undertake the Assessment as a precursor to developing detailed learning and development plans for their employees.

The Assessment establishes a baseline for an individual or organization and benchmarks against industry or competitive standards. It provides the ability to monitor ongoing progress and establish a return on investment from training and development.

  • Assess and validate current capabilities by individual, group and at functional level.
  • Gain rapid and accurate comparison of skills and experience relative to internal, industry, competitive or global standards.
  • Ensure targeted and cost effective learning and development interventions.
  • Monitor and measure return on investment from training.
  • Support each employee and their manager with an objective personal development plan for contract and commercial skills.

Optional extra: the Skills Workshop

An optional extra to review and validate results and to develop an improvement plan which has cross-functional support and agreed priorities.

The purpose is simple: to provide you with an agreed improvement plan.

Starting from business goals, what are the most glaring deficiencies in today’s skills and experience? How can contracting deliver greater value? What is the project plan to drive to the next level of maturity? Drawing on IACCM’s industry knowledge and expertise, the workshop will allow you to brainstorm solutions and set specific targets.

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Individual assessment

The Skills & Competency Assessment isn't just for teams -- individuals can also take advantage of it to track professional growth!

Individual members can use the IACCM Skills & Competency Assessment tool for no additional charge, and update it annually (corporate members should contact their regional representative for pricing for corporate member access). This Assessment tracks your personal professional growth, identifies any possible needs for additional skills development, and provides a report to show current and prospective employees the skills & competencies that you bring to the job.  

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Assessment Criteria

Assessment is undertaken against seven categories of competence:

  • Personal
  • Knowledge of Employer / Industry
  • Client / Relationships
  • Business Contribution
  • Business Acumen
  • Technical
  • Multinational

Within those seven categories there are 42 individual skill and knowledge criteria. Corporates may wish to add company specific criteria to supplement the core testing and analysis.

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