Transformation: Operating Model and Organization Design

Designing, building and embedding of the contract management operating model is the fundamental building block for the development of a world-class commercial function.

IACCM’s benchmarking and research function is the starting point for bespoke client-specific development of structures, performance measures, integrating mechanisms and job descriptions. This approach to organization design enables the commercial function to deliver effectively across the process without being siloed in thinking and ways of working.

To develop the design, IACCM utilizes the operating model canvas approach.  This uses a series of facilitated workshops to develop an operating canvas (shown below).  These workshops are informed through desk research and structured interviews.

Commercial Transformation


Commercial Transformation Operating Model

IACCM professionals then develop a best of breed operating model for specific client situations, graphically depicted to ensure common understanding and adoption.

IACCM solutions are based on the best-practice experience developed over 10 years of global research and successful client projects. Our approach is to deliver holistic and interoperable solutions that support successful and efficient solutions across the whole organization.


To find out more about how IACCM’s operating model and organizational design can work for you please contact us at advisory@iaccm.com