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IACCM Fundamentals of Contract and Commercial Management

USD$48.00 / EUR€34.95 This ground-breaking title from IACCM (International Association for Contract and Commercial Management) is the definitive source for practical business solutions to vexing contract problems. Contracts are the language of business, and this book gives readers the essentials that can make a difference to any de...

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Contract and Commercial Management: The Operational Guide (click to view ordering options)

USD$68 / EUR€61 Almost 80% of CEOs say that their organization must get better at managing external relationships. According to The Economist, one of the major reasons why so many relationships end in disappointment is that most organizations 'are not very good at contracting'. Packed with more than 600 pages of practical advic...

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Contract and Commercial Management: The Operational Guide - E-Book

EUR€78 / USD$67 (approx) Electronic version of IACCM's acclaimed Operational Guide for contract and commercial management.

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Survive and Thrive in a Crisis: A Workbook for Resilient Businesses and Resilient Business Leaders

Title: Survive and Thrive in a Crisis: A Workbook for Resilient Businesses and Resilient Business Leaders Are you a business advisor, business owner or business leader? If so, this workbook is for you: Survive and Thrive in a Crisis: a Workbook for Resilient Businesses and Resilient Business Leaders This one-of-a-kind workbook provid...

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The SAM Leader Survival Guide

Written by a former Software Asset Management (SAM) leader of a Fortune 500 company and based upon multiple interviews with current SAM professionals, The SAM Leader Survival Guide has been designed as a reference manual to help SAM professionals apply current best practices to advance their careers and achieve greater job satisfaction. The ...

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Commercial Expectations and Cooperation in Symbiotic Contracts

With a foreword by Tim Cummins this book explores the role played by cooperation in the law and management of modern, complex contracts, and contrasts an in-depth review of case law with a large-scale empirical study of the views of commercial actors responsible for the outcomes of these contracts. The possibility of aligning these expectati...

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Practical Contract & Commercial Negotiations

Within business, negotiation skills are prized and large amounts are spent on training. Yet in many cases negotiation does not generate anticipated benefits. Today’s volatile and uncertain markets demand greater agility and flexibility, which can be achieved only through more collaborative relationships and radically different approaches t...

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Global Contract Logistics

This book appeals to a wide audience and has been written for students and professionals alike. This book: • Provides an overview of contracting logistics and the complexities of procurement and acquisition • Gives clear guidelines for successfully planning, negotiating and managing a contract • Features interest...

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Tipping Point: Transformation and Innovation in the Legal Department

An in-depth handbook for the general counsel looking to build a truly modern legal department and revolutionize their role. The contemporary legal landscape is no longer a rigid hierarchy composed of limited and complacent behemoths, but rather an ecosystem, filled with a wide variety of players that facilitate disruption and revol...

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The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World By NYU Stern Professor and Leading Innovation Expert Melissa A. Schilling We all benefit from the work of few giants who massively changed the world. What sets them apart? Melissa Schilling has written by far the best book on this t...

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Learn from Failure: The Key to Successful Decision Making

This book is written by a seasoned executive, entrepreneur consultant and educator. It should be read by anyone wanting to improve their decision-making skills.

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Beyond the wall of contract text. Visualizing contracts to foster understanding and collaboration within and across organizations

Business contracts are often too long, complex, and hard to understand. Such contracts do not serve the needs of the people who plan, negotiate, and implement them within and across organizations. Contracts seem optimized to win in court and allocate risk after legal problems have arisen, but that is not their only function. Contracts should als...

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How to Analyze and Negotiate Warranties for Goods and Services: A Primer For Lawyers And Non-Lawyers Alike

This book will increase your commercial sophistication and better prepare you for analyzing and negotiating warranties. The book creates value by providing: (1) broadly applicable warranty principles; (2) real world examples in the form of actual litigated cases; (3) annotated sample warranty language; and, (4) a comprehensive warranty check lis...

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Honest Negotiation

Negotiate your way to success It has been estimated that today, the cost of negotiating the average B2B contract is $16,800. In larger corporations, the annual costs of contract negotiation amount to more than $1.26 billion! On the order of 8.2 billion B2B contracts are signed each year; at least 50% of those require negotiation. Why are tho...

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The POD Model

The POD Model by Mike Robertson "Having overseen strategically both the Procurement and Commercial functions
of the EMEA division of the US third largest telco, I can confidently say that the
POD Model Book brings a valuable new dimension to modern Procurement /
Selling thinking. It suggests an original Win / Win ap...

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Procurement at a Crossroads: Career-Impacting Insights Into Rapidly Changing Industry

Foreword by David Clevenger, Head of Strategy and Organizational Development at Corporate United, and six-time honoree of the Inc. 5000. There is no question that the procurement profession has arrived at a pivotal moment. Any book addressing the potential future courses of procurement must go beyond the mere recognition of the shift in the curr...

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Manage Your Contracts - A practical start to finish guide for contracting professionals

“Reaching organisational objectives is the ultimate goal of contracts. Contract risks threaten the achievement of these objectives. As the greatest risk in business is not talking any risks a contract should thus
support sound risk taking and help balance risk with reward.” Dr Cyril Jankoff
The Risk Doctor, Contra...

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The Tech Contracts Handbook: Cloud Computing Agreements, Software Licenses, and Other IT Contracts for Lawyers and Businesspeople

"For technology licensing practitioners and students alike, this handbook offers a comprehensive mix of plain-language guidance and tech licensing best practices … Tollen's expert treatment is borne of his experience drafting and negotiating tech agreements in Silicon Valley's virtual trenches." -- Tom Jevens, Corporate Counsel, Googl...

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Model Contract Terms and Conditions with Annotations and Case Summaries

ABOUT THIS BOOK This book assists the reader and provides value in three ways: First, model contract language in the form of commercial terms and conditions are provided. Second, the contract language is annotated with explanations and suggestions for each of the key articles. Third, summaries of actual litigated cases are provided in synopsis f...

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Contract and Risk Management for Supply Chain Management Professionals

What Will This Book Do for You? This book provides a survival manual for anyone involved in the crafting, structuring, negotiating, supporting or managing contracts involving commercial transactions of goods, services or both. It blends the practical with general legal principles and highlights best practices for supply chain professionals and a...

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Playbook for Managing Supply Chain Transactions

BUILD, EVALUATE OR REDESIGN YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN TRANSACTIONS USING THE PLAYBOOK APPROACH In “PLAYBOOK” the authors apply their decades of experience with procurement, supply chains, contract management and risk mitigation to provide a well-defined methodology for safely and effectively entering into and managing supply chain transactio...

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Value-Based Metrics for Improving Results: An Enterprise Project Management Toolkit

This classic, features a roadmap that can be applied in most any organization: • Presents a unique universal, value-based methodology for developing and using metrics as a management tool to baseline, monitor, manage, improve, align and reward performance of most any business function at any level
• Fa...

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Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations: A Strategic Guide to Portfolio, Program and PMO Success

Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations takes readers from concepts to a process model, and then to the application of that customizable model in the user’s unique environment to dramatically improve their risk command and control at the organizational level. A detailed discussion also provides some challenges involved in this process.

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Effective Complex Project Management: An Adaptive Agile Framework for Delivering Business Value

Effective Complex Project Management demonstrates that for program and project managers to be consistently successful in managing complex projects, they need to include in their project management portfolio of processes an adaptive framework that continuously analyzes and adapts to changing and modifying conditions even to the point of changing ...

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Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals

About the Item In many organizations, procurement has evolved from a tactical, transaction-oriented department into a strategic function responsible for establishing spend management objectives for the entire organization. While the tools they use and the skills they possess have increased overall effectiveness and efficiency, procurement&rsq...

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Going Beyond the Waterfall: Managing Scope Effectively Across the Project Life Cycle

Going Beyond the Waterfall explains how to define scope at the outset of a project; provides a solid model for predicting and managing solution scope across a project life cycle where the decisions and actions of every team member contribute to that evolutionary process; identifies the impacts that key tasks and activities will have on scope and...

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Outsourcing- All You Need To Know (Print)

This book is the definitive guide to leveraging the external services market for business advantage. Based on 30 years of research into over 2100 organizations and advisory engagements throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa, three world authorities detail the frameworks, lessons and practices that inexorably produce high perfor...

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Negociar, ruta hacia el éxito: Estrategias y habilidades esenciales (Spanish Edition)

Todos negociamos de manera diaria. Negociamos con nuestras esposas, hijos, padres y amigos. Negociamos cuando alquilamos un departamento, compramos un coche o aplicamos a un puesto de trabajo. Tu habilidad para negociar debería ser el factor más importante en tu carrera. Traducción al español por Pablo Cilotta, qu...

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A Short Guide to Contract Risk

Savvy managers no longer look at contracting processes and documents reactively but use them proactively to reach their business goals and minimize their risks. To succeed, these managers need a framework and A Short Guide to Contract Risk provides this. The foundation of identifying and managing contract risk is what the authors call Contract L...

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Determann's Field Guide to International Data Privacy Law Compliance

Companies, lawyers, privacy officers, developers, marketing and IT professionals face privacy issues more and more frequently. Much information is freely available, but it can be difficult to get a grasp on a problem quickly, without getting lost in details and advocacy. This is where Determann's Field Guide to International Data Privacy Law Com...

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Kill The Company

In the ever-changing world of business, we've arrived at a point where process has trumped culture, where the race toward efficiency has made us complacent and unable to reach our potential. Stuck in the land of status quo, we've forgotten how to think. And the very structures put in place to help businesses grow are now holding them back. It's ...

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Metrics for Service Management: Designing for ITIL

This title is the sister book to the global best-seller Metrics for Service Management. Taking the basics steps described there, this new title describes the context within the ITIL 2011 Lifecycle approach. More than that it looks at the overall goal of metrics which is to achieve Value. The overall delivery of Business Value is driven by Corp...

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A Woman's Guide to Successful Negotiating (Miller& Miller)

Securing a place at that table will require women not only to master all of the essential negotiating skills, but also to be comfortable with being negotiators. But how can you learn these invaluable lessons when most negotiating books are written for men, whose instincts are to confront and overpower, focusing almost exclusively on outcomes? Wo...

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Fearless Negotiating (Donaldson)

Fearless Negotiating: Negotiation is the crux of every crucial exchange. With humorous insight, Michael Donaldson shares the negotiation secrets that have made him one of the entertainment industry's most sought-after lawyers and a respected consultant and leader among independent filmmakers and actors. He shows how to set goals (the Wish), p...

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Negotiate Your Way to Success (Cohen)

The business world turns on the art of the deal. And with Negotiate Your Way to Success, you'll master 24 powerful strategies designed to help you conduct negotiations of any type. This easy-to-read guide delivers step-by-step instruction on identifying and working with each negotiator's “hot button” issues, to ensure the process ...

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Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, Second Edition (Patterson, et. al.)

Communicate best when it matters most! The definitive guide to clear, purpose-driven communication—revised and updated with new insights and powerful techniques. The classic guide to conversing in high-impact situations, Crucial Conversations helps you get constructive results when emotions run high and opinions vary, in the workplace a...

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The Supply Management Handbook (Joseph Cavinato)

For more than three decades, The Supply Management Handbook (formerly The Purchasing Handbook) by Joseph Cavinato has been vital for purchasing and supply professionals in every field and industry. This latest edition comprehensively updates and revises this classic to encompass the ongoing shift from simple purchasing to a new, more technolo...

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Manufacturing Planning and Control for Supply Chain Management: APICS/CPIM Certification Edition (Jacobs, et. al.)

Manufacturing Planning and Control for Supply Chain Management: APICS/CPIM Certification Editionby Jacobs, et. al. is the definitive guide to manufacturing planning and control-fully revised and updated for the CPIM Exam. Improve supply chain effectiveness, productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability with help from this resource. C...

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Purchasing in the Supply Chain (David N. Burt, Sheila D. Petcavage, and Richard L. Pinkerton)

Written for purchasing managers, Proactive Purchasing in the Supply Chain by David N. Burt, Sheila D. Petcavage, and Richard L. Pinkerton reveals how to use the latest and best procurement practices to help any organization maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of its supply chain. The ability of purchasing to dramatically increase return...

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Strategic Lean Mapping (Steven Borris)

In Strategic Lean Mapping continuous improvement expert Steven Borris reveals how to visually document an organization's processes and identify problematic issues. He illustrates how to blend and then apply select techniques from Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints, RCM (Reliability-Centered Maintenance), TPM (Total Productive Maintenan...

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Collaborative Change (Andrew Humphries, Richard Gibbs, Tim Barnsley, Tim Cummins, Andrew Downard, Graham Haines, David Hawkins, Peter Hunter, Anthony Kesten, Chris Markey)

In their second book Gibbs and Humphries look at how the need for constant organisational improvements and the increase in partnering come together in what they describe as Collaborative Change. This book describes the underlying concepts and models that can be applied, and critically draws heavily on personal experience to shed light on how eff...

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THE Vested Outsourcing Manual (Kate Vitasek, Jacqui Crawford, Jeanette Nyden, Katherine Kawamoto)

Companies such as Microsoft, Intel, UPS, and P&G are embracing Vested Outsourcing. Vested Outsourcing's meteoric adoption in the business world led to the following questions Across many industries: • How do you craft a Vested Outsourcing agreement based on the Five Rules? • Where do we begin? • Is there a template or roa...

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Business Contracts Handbook (Charles Boundy)

If money is the lifeblood of business, contracts are the arteries that help carry it around the commercial body. Anyone in business is liable to have to deal with business contracts, but few are trained to do so. Even those that are trained may have experience in limited areas or in the distant past. But the right contract can make a vital diffe...

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Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office (Russ Edelman, Tim Hiltabiddle, Charles C. Manz)

Nice guys don't have to finish last! Research reveals that more than 60 percent of managers and workers feel that they are 'too nice' in the workplace. While this may not sound like a serious problem, Nice Guy Syndrome is a destructive disorder that, if left unchecked, can derail any organization. Nice guys are everywhere and do not fit neatly i...

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INFLUENTIAL COMMUNICATION: Getting More of What You Want (Keld Jensen)

Part of the SMARTnership(TM) Negotiation Series, this eBook focuses on the fundamental communication skills that every business professional needs to succeed. Whether you are meeting with prospective clients, working on a project team with coworkers, negotiating contract terms, or simply conversing over the water-cooler you need to be able to ge...

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Preventive Law and Problem Solving: Lawyering for the Future (Thomas D. Barton)

Preventive Law and Problem Solving: Lawyering for the Future is designed for four audiences. First, it introduces a broad, socially connected understanding of legal systems and legal thinking to students who are considering, or just beginning, law study. Second, for those who have completed their first year of training, the book reflects on the ...

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Impact!: What Every Woman Needs to Know to Go From Invisible to Invincible (Nancy D. Solomon)

Not your average business self-help book, Impact! is a 'total person' development guide that says 'who you are impacts everything you do'. It doesn't focus on what's wrong with you but rather what's right with you so that you can turn your potential into performance. The secret to success and fulfillment-both professionally and personally-is tha...

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Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (Monczka, Robert, Handfield, Robert, Giunipero, Larry, and Patterson, James)

Gain a thorough understanding of the critical role of purchasing in the supply chain with one of today's leading-edge strategy and purchasing books--PURCHASING AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, 5E. This turnkey solution provides current and complete coverage that makes it not only a useful book, but also a valuable professional reference tool. This e...

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Supply Market Intelligence: A Managerial Handbook for Building Sourcing Strategies (Robert B. Handfield)

Supply Market Intelligence: A Managerial Handbook for Building Sourcing Strategies charts the course to success for executives who are seeking to lead their organizations to supply-chain maturity. This volume is intended for supply-chain executives who struggle with the challenges of an uncertain supply market environment and whose supply chain ...

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Proactive Law for Managers (George Siedel, Helena Haapio)

Savvy managers no longer look at contracts and the law reactively but use them proactively to reduce their costs, minimize their risks, collaborate to innovate, protect intellectual property, and create value for their customers that is superior to the value offered by competitors. But to achieve competitive advantage managers need a plan. Proac...