Academic Symposiums on Commercial & Contract Management and Law

Commercial and Contract Management continue to gather pace as critical business and social disciplines. There is a growing body of research emanating from both academics and practitioners reflecting the current cross-disciplinary nature of this competence.

IACCM has launched a series of academic-focused initiatives to give voice to that work and to further build the network that is contributing to knowledge and progress in these important areas, enabling its increased impact in the delivery of social and economic value.

Global Academic Symposium Series is part of IACCM’s endeavor to bring together a community of researchers and practitioners that will support the review and implementation of existing work, while at the same time providing a forum to act as a catalyst for further research partnerships and activity.

IACCM 2020 Global Academic Series: Contract & Commercial Management: A Force for Disruption & Change

There is broad consensus that contract and commercial management are critical competencies for managing and making sense of today’s turbulent markets, so driving and disseminating relevant research is of tremendous importance to business and society more generally.

Fundamental issues such as sustainability and social value are rising up the agenda and must be reconciled with the continuing need for business to generate profit and deliver innovation. These demand the cross-disciplinary perspectives and integration offered by the IACCM Symposiums. These unique events bring together a fascinating array of academics with senior practitioners from business and government. Their highly interactive format enables the sharing of the latest research, together with stimulating debate that generates a whole new set of ideas for future investigation.

What can participants expect this year?

The sessions will address important questions concerning Contracting, Contract, Organizational Economics and Societal Change, such as:

  • What is value? How can organizations better define, measure, and contract for value?
  • Contracts and economics.
  • Contracts as a force for sustainability.
  • What could contracts look like in 20 years and what are the obstacles to getting there?

The 2020 Agenda

This year, we are partnering with three top universities and issuing our call for papers to both academics and practitioners with the umbrella theme of ‘Contract & Commercial Management: A Force for Disruption & Change’. We are looking to organize a Virtual Global Academic Series, and will update this page with new information regularly.

Interested in contributing?

To register your interest or to discuss presenting / submitting a paper (whether as an academic or a practitioner), please contact either Tim Cummins (tcummins@iaccm.com) or Nevena Jevremovic (njevremovic@iaccm.com).