Developing Talent & Building Your Resume

Developing Talent & Building Your Resume


Preliminary results from our Most Negotiated Terms survey indicate that people hunger for positive changes within their organization – more collaboration, more on-going communication, more transparency. Ironically, early survey results also indicate that individuals feel that their colleagues’ resistance (internal and external) and their lack of negotiating skills are the greatest barriers to change. In other words, within the pool of respondents there is a collective mismatch between desire, ability and behavior.

Is it possible that we all may be waiting for “somebody else” to learn the required skills and behaviors and create change within our organizations? In this TASK topic, we challenge whether it is in the best interest of teams and individuals to stay on the hamster wheel, waiting for “somebody else” to create a new wheel, or whether it is time for teams and individuals to actively engage in acquiring the skills and behaviors that will create the change everybody is looking for and the times require.


Upskilling to thrive


Emotional Intelligence (EI) lives inside us! Why not put it to work?

What is Emotional Intelligence awareness? Put simply, EI is you - the contracts professional - building relationships with all parties to the contract by doing everything possible to ensure parties' expectations are met and to achieve the desired result.

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Talent development opportunities


30% Discount when you register for the Negotiation Masterclass (Bronze) and the Vibe Summit for $470

Register for the Vibe Summit and Negotiation Master Class (Bronze) and become skilled in the art of virtual and in-person negotiation and earn certificates to reflect your acquired skill sets. Vibe Summit registrants receive access to the widely popular negotiation workshop led by Keld Jensen, now expanding to include virtual negotiation strategies (2, 70-minute interactive online sessions). Registrants are also enrolled in the online self-guided Negotiation Masterclass (Bronze), where participants will learn how to: 

  • Understand and think about the importance and nature of negotiation and provide analytic tools for guidance 
  • Cultivate an instinct for what to do when there are no unambiguously right or wrong answers 
  • Develop a broad intellectual base from which to systematically evaluate and facilitate negotiation processes 
  • Develop confidence in negotiation as an effective means for resolving conflict in groups and organizations 

The Master Class takes approximately 6-weeks to complete and is offered at a 30% discount, at $275 per person (regular program fee is $395 per person). Registrants are enrolled into the Negotiation Master Class on Day 1 of the Vibe Summit, September 21st.

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Facilitated CCM & SRM Certification Programs

Become certified and network through participation in an enhanced IACCM professional certification learning programs led by Professor Tim Cummins from the University of Leeds and featuring guest academic lecturers from around the world. 

What you get: 

  • Become part of a facilitated CCM or SRM learning cohort with fellow practitioners from multiple industries 
  • Start the program with a live virtual workshop conducted by Professor Cummins and other academics with facilitated team breakouts 
  • Complete self-paced online learning modules, interacting with other participants as you go, addressing topical case studies related to risk, uncertainty management, virtual negotiation and more 
  • Conclude with a final three-hour workshop discussing key learnings from Covid-19 and the application of your learning through this program to the post-pandemic world. 

This represents a unique opportunity to engage with leading academics while you are learning. 

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Participate in Vibe Summit workshops to upskill in a fast and cost-effective way

Our workshops offer you a phenomenal opportunity to quickly close skills and knowledge gaps at a time when you most need it. Four workshops will be offered in two 70 minute sessions during the Vibe Summit. Earn CPD points and certificates of participation but most importantly, gain new skills that you can start using right away!

  • Contract economics: reduce your costs and generate superior returns
  • Emerging technology 101: how to select, buy and implement the right legal tech for your organization
  • Negotiation in the virtual and physical space: dive into the award winning Smartnership strategy
  • Simple & effective contract design: get started with the better disclosure canvas

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Coaching to set your objectives and influence 

Out with the old, in with the new. Shifts toward online and remote work are reshaping our work environments, communication, and how we conduct business. Fortunately, our highly qualified coaches are here to guide you through these transformations. As a member you have the opportunity to benefit from one-to-one mentoring with accomplished thought leaders and business people. Develop the skills and confidence you need to realize your true potential and thrive in our virtual world.

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Optimism and Prevention in Contracting

A high proportion of lawyers and contract managers who work in a corporate environment feel that their contribution to the business is misunderstood. They also believe that they could add greater value if they were involved in situations at an earlier stage.

This study, which is based on research undertaken with members of the IACCM confirms that these perceptions are widespread. It also examined one possible cause for these feelings, specifically whether colleagues in other areas of the business may view the interventions by lawyers and contracts staff as in some way 'negative'.

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Commitment Matters Blog

Talent: do you have what it takes?

The current extent and levels of uncertainty demand rapid adaptability and change. That means we must be ready to do things differently.

Taking these two factors together, a critical talent is therefore the ability to respond to change by quickly grasping the ways that our work and output must adjust.

Not everyone gets this - many of us feel challenged by change, especially those whose job role and training has focused on avoiding risks and ensuring compliance.

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