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Online Communication and Collaboration


Early this year COVID-19 abruptly shut down group gatherings and we were forced to exclusively communicate online and collaborate remotely. Negotiations, project planning, team meetings, strategy sessions, internal and external stakeholder meetings that we once thought were impossible in digital and virtual environments occurred routinely from afar, with varying degrees of success and lessons learned along the way. As we transition into the "new normal", what will be the new hybrid expectations and how can we thrive from a distance?

In a recent IACCM survey, our members indicated the volume of emails received, and the number of meetings, has substantially increased since lockdowns began. Are those habits sustainable; are they effective? How do you maximize your online presence, and what are the tools, means, and methods for effective online collaboration in the "new normal"? TASK’s focus on Online Communication and Collaboration will maximize your virtual presence and the effectiveness of your team’s online collaboration with each other and externally.


How best to communicate online


Communication Coaching for the New Normal

As part of our previous TASK topic, Remote Work Environment & Balance, we launched our new coaching service. As part of this offering, we would now like to introduce you to Professor Seth C. Oranburg who will be available to assist you with personalized insights into perfecting your online presence.

We are all having to adapt to new ways of living and working - navigating our way through these uncertain times can be challenging.  Our Coaches will work with you in a confidential virtual environment to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Find out more about our coaching service here.


Get a taster session of Professor Oranburg by joining one of his webinars:


Making Legal Content Remotely: Technology and Storytelling During the Pandemic with Adam Stofsky, CEO, Briefly


Collaboration in a virtual world


Learn and be inspired on collaborating successfully in a virtual work environment.

Collaborative Contracting ‘It’s elementary my dear Watson’

It seems that collaboration is everywhere nowadays.  Whether it is Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber producing a number one single, or designer Tommy Hilfiger delivering exclusive clothing lines to Apple; or Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton putting CarPlay into cars.  But are they all as successful?

Read more of this article by Dr Andrew Jaccopino.


Optimism Café


Virtual contracting & negotiation training


Body Language in Live and Online Negotiations. Training course with Keld Jensen & Mark Bowden 7-15 July

When we think we are being most rational, the majority of our biggest decisions are made with some emotional bias. We all judge the feelings and intentions others have towards us mainly on their nonverbal communication. If you want to better influence and persuade during negotiations and have an advantage especially via online communications, gaining a better understanding of others' and your own body language will give you that edge, and could save you and bring you way more value.



Managing Contracts Virtually

Creating and maintaining the value you bring to your organization as a contract and commercial manager is not dependent on whether your role is executed in-person or online. But while it’s not dependent, it is absolutely impacted. At this critical juncture, it is important that you excel in your role – for you, your team and your organization.

To achieve success, it’s imperative that you are supported. You’re a virtual contract and commercial manager now AND you need to upskill to have the competency to be able to work effectively in the “new normal”. Read more.


Supplier Relationship Management - Facilitated Certification Program

The facilitated program allows participants to explore practical and topical issues that provide context for the SRM Program and apply the learnings to their job. It is led by an expert instructor with wide-ranging SRM knowledge and includes extensive group and break-out discussions, along with contributions from supply-chain professors and corporate executives.

The program draws on a mix of research and up-to-the-minute case studies to explore key topics such as building collaboration and trust; achieving transparency; understanding and managing overlaps in supply management roles and responsibilities. It explores SRM and its impact in the context of supply chains, supply networks and supply ecosystems.

Read more.


Insights on remote communication & collaboration


Find out more from our latest research and IACCM President, Tim Cummins.


Commitment Matters Blog

Communicate & Collaborate: Now More Than Ever

The speed and intensity of COVID-19 rapidly exposed weaknesses in communication and the consequences of poor collaboration.

Suddenly, traditional ways of working were thrown into turmoil as travel and physical meetings ground to a halt. Information flows were not only disrupted, but organizations rapidly discovered how little information they actually had.

Read more


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IACCM Training and Certification

Whether you are a large corporation seeking to establish best practice across your organization, a small-medium sized company seeking access to organized collective knowledge and experience, or an individual seeking to enhance your knowledge and attractiveness as an employee, IACCM offers a professional development program to meet your needs.


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