Bespoke Training

Thought-provoking content and exclusive interventions that generate innovative ideas.

When you engage with IACCM, you get access to a wealth of knowledge drawn from extensive experience and a library of practical and strategic research into contract and commercial management. This is supplemented by data, collected for over ten years, that can be analyzed to provide tailored benchmarking for individuals and organizations.

IACCM has unique access to some of the world's leading experts in the field, in addition to an unrivalled professional community that offers the potential for data exchange and custom research.

Sessions are led by senior IACCM staff mmbers with appropriate industry knowledge and, where appropriate, involving expert presenters or peer executives with relevant experience. Delivery methods vary and can include:

  • Classroom seminars
  • Webinars / video conferences
  • Roundtable discussion groups
  • Team events, contests etc

To learn more, please contact us at advisory@iaccm.com.

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