Contract & Commercial Management (CCM) Skills & Competency Assessment

IACCM Skills & Competency Assessment

The IACCM Skills & Competency Assessment (Skills Assessment) is the bedrock of any professional development program geared to building commercial acumen and supports organizational initiatives designed to foster commercial excellence.

Through continuous monitoring and industry consultation, IACCM has defined the 42 skills and knowledge criteria which together support commercial excellence. IACCM offers a confidential and objective analysis of current performance and compares results against industry norms and world-class standards. Over 17,000 individuals worldwide have participated in an IACCM learning program in contract and commercial management and have completed the online IACCM Skills & Competency Assessment as a prerequisite to their training.

IACCM's online Skills & Competency Assessment provides a benchmarked gap analysis to underpin competency development at individual, team or functional level. In doing so, it:

The Skills & Competency Assessment can be used to determine students' program level or more broadly identify team's strengths and weaknesses for an organization to identify training needs.

Please note that the Skills & Competency Assessment used to determine your CCM Program level has a limited set of competencies tailored to this specific purpose. We do offer a full Skills & Competency Assessment that you can use as a basis for a broader professional development strategy. This is included in your individual membership; if you are part of a corporate program, please reach out to training@iaccm.com for further assistance.