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Oil & Gas Contracting In Practice

You face, as a contracting and contract management professional in the Oil and Gas sector, unique challenges and opportunities – such as the ripple effects of Macondo, knock-for-knock indemnity, local content requirements, and dealing with NOC’s.

IACCM has developed a valuable offering, enabling you to address those Oil and Gas specific issues and many others with greater effect – the Oil and Gas Contracting in Practice course.

The Oil and Gas Contracting in Practice course covers those issues through a series of three-dozen brief, on-line learning modules.  Complete with useful tools, templates, articles and case studies, the program is designed to cover the basics and, through on-line message boards, enable interaction between practitioners who face similar situations.

The course complements the IACCM contract management (CCM) learning and certification programs, and completion of this course counts towards the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standards for IACCM Certified Professionals.

How long is the program? 
Learners will have a full year of access to the program.

How much time will I need to invest? 
Assuming moderate use of the ancillary library items, most learners should plan on investing approximately one hour per module. This represents a thirty-five to forty hour commitment across the entire program.

Does the Oil and Gas Learning program lead to certification? 
No. At this point, the Oil and Gas Learning program is solely a learning and development offering and not a certification program. Successful completion of the Program will result in the award of an IACCM Certificate of Completion, upon the request of the learner.

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