Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Certification Program In partnership with State of Flux

Facilitated Certification Program

Supplier Relationship Management has become a critical enabler of business performance, whether in the public or private sector, with the potential to drive both value and reputation. Competence is achieved through a combination of operational experience, structured learning and rigorous assessment.

The Supplier Relationship Management Program supports the journey to individual and organizational excellence.

Through their partnership, IACCM and State of Flux have created a world-class and internationally recognized training and certification program in Supplier Relationship Management. Their joint expertise successfully blends the technical, behavioural and collaborative skills required to effectively manage suppliers, enabling organizations to achieve their key business objectives of growth, profitability and shareholder value.


The program includes:

  • Pre-assessment: Determines adequate program level.
  • Learning: a flexible yet structured online program with student and instructor interactions.
  • Certification: an internationally recognized certification in supplier relationship management at Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner or Expert level.
Individuals Employers
Achieve world recognized accreditation. Make visible commitment to employee growth and excellence.
Gain detailed knowledge of key best practices. Provide positive benefit for new hires and support employee retention.
Raise personal status and career opportunities. Achieve a compelling return on investment from improved performance.
Join a fast growing global, professional community. Enhance functional status and influence.
Demonstrate your commitment to excellence and world class standards.  
Training & Certification

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