Vibe - Vision, Ideas, Belief, Energy

Vibe is IACCM's virtual events portfolio which includes a specially curated selection of inspirational keynote speakers, our forth-coming virtual conference - Vibe Summit and more!

Our new “working from home” virtual world may never replace our face-to-face events that we lovingly create for our CCM community, but COVID-19 has urged us to reflect on what our members need right now.  As we look to the future and eagerly anticipate the return of all our physical member meetings, global conferences and academic symposiums, we are excited that Vibe will continue to thrive in a post-COVID-19 world, integrating seamlessly with our physical events and engaging more of our community than ever before.

Vibe Summit

IACCM conferences have been reimagined virtually! Vibe Summit will harness the true power of the virtual world, allowing members around the globe to share, learn, network, and collaborate. We’re facilitating what will be one of the largest global gatherings of IACCM members and partners over 4 days.

A brand new virtual experience

The recent pandemic has pushed us to rethink the conference experience and how we engage and connect with our members entirely. While we trust that in the not too distant future we will return to our face-to-face conferences, we are excited in the meantime to bring a fully immersive conference experience to a virtual platform capable of integrating seamlessly with our physical events when they do make a come-back. Click here for more information and to register.

Optimism Café Podcasts

The Optimism Café Podcasts were inspired by our resident Optimist Victor Perton together with the inspirational good news stories that began to trickle in from members across the global during the pandemic.

Amongst the sea of content that the world wants you to consume right now, our podcasts are short, easily digestible real life stories that you can listen to on the go. In this first series, Sally Guyer, CEO, will be interviewing a phenomenal selection of our members highlighting everything from acts of human kindness, generosity, innovation and social good at a time when we really need something to feel optimistic about.

Vibe Talks

Vibe Talks is a series of inspiring, uplifting and thought-provoking talks from world-leading influencers and thinkers. Vibe Talks will last just 15 minutes each followed by an exceptional opportunity to do live Q&A with our speakers.

Complimentary Registration for IACCM Members and Trial Members.

Want to nominate someone to give a Vibe Talk? If you think that you or someone you know should give a Vibe Talk we want to hear from you! Please let us know your idea by completing the short form below:


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