Global Summit Theme

2020 - Time for a connected vision. Purpose and Relationships in an era of Emergence

There are 15 million Contract and Commercial Managers around the world - and 2000 places at the IACCM Vibe Summit. Don’t miss your chance to join the largest global gathering of IACCM Members ever

The world has changed and we must adapt

We did not imagine what 2020 was going to be. Our world has changed. We have had to adapt. Dramatic disruption demands dramatic solutions and for IACCM that includes the creation of a new immersive virtual conference that embraces the world.

Covid-19 has thrown Contracting and Commercial under a new spotlight. Suddenly modernization of process, systems, commercial models and skills has risen high on the business agenda. 

Change is urgent.  But what change?  And how?

Commercial modernization requires an escape from the constraints of compliance and risk and a focus on streamlining for differentiation and value - becoming a business gearbox that enables and informs business goals. Defining your sense of purpose has never been more important

The relationships we need to form and manage, the extent of loyalty and integrity that exists, the depth of visibility and transparency, the fairness of dealings both internally and externally have all been thrown into stark relief in the backdrop of this crisis.

Contract and Commercial Management stands as the enabler

Uniquely positioned to break down the barriers and allay conflicting interests. We can and must step confidently forward, assuming a role in which we inform and shape corporate strategies.

Why attend Vibe Summit?

The pandemic exposed the need for rapid and far-reaching change in contracting and commercial capabilities. As investment starts to surge, high performing leaders and practitioners will be in demand.  Equip yourself and your team to rise to the challenge and the opportunity.

Now more than ever, we need to come together as a community to share ideas, share experiences and share solutions. The IACCM Vibe Summit will facilitate this in an easy to consume online and interactive framework using the best and latest virtual conference technology. 

We look forward to seeing you there!