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13 May 2019
Day 1



Workshop Registration & Morning Coffee


Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Executive Boardroom
Contract Economics Workshop Emerging Technologies 101 Workshop Commercial Innovation Workshop Blue Sky Room (Invite Only)

How much does it cost to produce a contract? How much does it cost if it’s produced badly? What are the economic benefits that come from effective management of the contracting lifecycle?

This workshop will provide answers to these questions and help you to make an assessment for your organization, supporting the economic business case for investment in contract management. Whether you develop competency through people, automation or a combination of the two, the numbers are compelling contracts are fundamental to business performance.

The workshop will address key areas:

  • What is the contracting lifecycle? Establishing a common definition and understanding

  • How much does it typically cost to produce different types of contract and how can you calculate that cost for your business?

  • What are the primary areas where contracts and their terms have economic impact and how can you establish numbers for your business?

Tim Cummins President, IACCM

Kingsley Martin President & CEO, KM Standards

This workshop is designed as a neutral and practical forum where delegates of all degrees of technical knowhow can come together to learn and share how emerging technologies can and are being implemented into business today. In this nuts and bolts workshop - we’ll clarify the terminology, giving you the practical tools and understanding you need to demystify emerging technologies. More importantly you will leave equipped with a clear understanding of the quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits to applying new technologies in to your business.

Alistair Maiden Founder, SKYE

Stephane Muller Head of Contract Management, Amadeus

Commercial innovation – moving from ideation to impact.

New approaches, new ideas, new forms of relationship and commitment are increasingly key to business survival. The potential for change is often driven by technical invention, but its success in the market depends on commerical innovation. 
At its simplest, innovation can be defined as 'something different that has impact'. It can be strategic, or operational in nature, and it can be incremental, or transformational in nature, but to be successful it must have impact. 
This workshop builds on the successful workshops held at the IACCM conferences in 2017 and 2018 and focuses on the second part of that definition, on the creation of impact from our innovations. This workshop will help you:


  • Meet other like-minded professionals who are innovating or looking to innovate in the field of commercial innovation

  • Investigate what commercial innovation is going on in the community

  • Look at how to move innovation projects from ideation to impact

Your workshop leader:



Adrian Furner Managing Director, Kommercialize Ltd

Building a 5-year strategy for your commercial capability. Old assumptions and old methods for conducting business are increasingly challenged.  Many days, it often seems like the only certainty about the future role and contribution of your function is uncertainty. With changing social and political values, with ever-greater regulation, with disruptive forces impacting every industry and with new technologies threatening jobs, how do you plan for the future?

Join a select group of fellow executives to share ideas, brainstorm options and identify the data you need to move ahead. Whether formulating a new plan or validating an existing strategy, this creative and thought-provoking session is a great chance to network, share approaches and identify areas where joint initiatives or research could prove valuable.

Phil Dungey Head of Advisory Services, IACCM



Registration & Networking Coffee


Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Executive Boardroom
Innovation Workshop Emerging Technologies 101 Workshop Research to Impact Workshop Blue Sky Room (Invite Only)

The Innovation Matrix: Three Moves to Design a Winning Strategy for Innovation and Intellectual Property. 

This workshop is a must for anyone engaged in innovation! Not only does it unravel why intellectual property strategies are critical in today's dynamic and uncertain business world, it also offers a comprehensive hands-on approach empowering professionals to immediately revise and enhance their innovation and IP strategies.

Your Workshop Leaders:

Deepika Jeyakodi The Innovation Matrix, 3 moves to design a winning strategy for Innovation & Intellectual Property

Mirjam Ros The Innovation Matrix, 3 moves to design a winning strategy for Innovation & Intellectual Property

Workshop Continued...

Research in Practice – creating a compelling case for action using IACCM research and insights

Does your C-suite challenge you to deliver upper quartile performance?  As professionals, we know that to rise to this kind of challenge it requires change, and often investment. However, it can often be a challenge to make our case for that change/investment.

As IACCM members we have access to a wealth of valuable research which could help us make our case, however, creating the compelling story remains elusive. 

This workshop will help you:

  • Better understand key pieces of IACCM research from a practical perspective

  • Consider how you might bring them together to create a compelling yet practical business case within your organisation

  • Leave better equipped to leverage the conference and accelerate your progress

Adrian Furner Managing Director, Kommercialize Ltd

Workshop Continued...

Phil Dungey Head of Advisory Services, IACCM



Networking Lunch Executive Boardroom Luncheon
Registration & Networking Lunch: Meet the IACCM Team Leadership Lunch (Invite Only)
Members of the IACCM team wish you a warm welcome to our Europe Conference! This networking lunch is a great opportunity for IACCM friends old and new to meet and greet each other.

Networking lunch Blue Sky Room and Leaders of the Future attendees only

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Chairpersons' opening remarks: Creating Value through Change - contract economics, ethics and innovation

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Keynote address: ethical standards and contract economics

As CEO of a major public company, Rupert Soames has been at the forefront in pushing for improved contracting practices and standards. In a recent presentation to the UK’s Public Accounts Committee, he observed that modern procurement practices often mean that winning business is for ‘the dumb or the desperate’. He points out that a lack of balance is ultimately in no one’s interests and that current methods too frequently lead to economic loss or failure. In this presentation, he will highlight the commercial and contracting practices that need to change and provide a ‘call to action’ for the CCM community.

Rupert Soames, OBE Group Chief Executive, Serco Group plc



Keynote address: commercial transparency

Corporations and the public sector are increasingly held to account for their commerical ethics. Board members and politicians expect business executives to protect against reputational risk - and that implies a much more open, transparent contracting process. Yet how does this reconcile with issues around "commercial confidentitality" and how do we exploit this term arbitrarily and excessively? Caroline Anstey has been at the forefront of these debates. As a Chair of a Working Group convened under the Centre for Global Development, Caroline has led work on the creation of the "Principles on Commercial Transparency in Public Contracts. In this session, she will cause delegates to reflect on what commercial confidentiality really means, when it actually matters - and what role contract and commercial professionals should play in setting the boundaries and positioning transparency as the "norm". 

Caroline Anstey Senior Adviser, InterAmerican Development Bank; Senior Fellow, Results for Development Institute



Session Switch


Track A Track B Track C Track D

Offering you very practical insights into emerging technologies and how they fit into your business through real life client case studies – Contract Tech is back! Featuring the IACCM 2019 Dragons’ Den back by popular demand!

Contract Tech: keynote panel discussion

Over the coming two days you will see a fascinating selection of real life client case studies, giving you practical insights into the keys to success as well as the pitfalls that you should be aware of when approaching the plethora of emerging technologies in the market today. This panel discussion will set the scene with some of the key questions you should be thinking about as you listen and learn from our case studies.

Southern Europe Roundtable


Pablo Cilotta Senior Director Southern Europe, South & Central America and Africa, IACCM

Luigi Telesca Co-Founder & CEO, Trakti

Panel discussion: risk allocation - when is it ‘good’ driving performance versus ‘bad’ undermining performance



Walter Akers Partner, Contract Management and Procurement Advisory Team, RSM Risk Assurance Services LL

How to Marie Kondo your contracts – packing up before moving to your new smart (Contract) home

  • Problem Statement

  • Design principles for a Digital Contract Optimization

  • Moving your contracts into their new "Smart Home": the importance of preparation, and a preparation checklist

  • What is a Smart Contracts Counsel and what does (s)he do?

Müge Cöteli Contracts Specialist, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd

Rory Unsworth Smart Contracts Counsel, Director, Reinsurance Finance, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd



Afternoon Networking Coffee Break



The motion: The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a threat to global equality and will only serve to create catastrophic levels of inequality and economic insecurity.

Arguing against the motion: David Nguyen, CEO, United Solutions


Arguing for the motion: Dr. Mihaela Ulieru, Technology Alchemist, President, IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy



Caroline Anstey Senior Adviser, InterAmerican Development Bank; Senior Fellow, Results for Development Institute



Afternoon technology alchemist address: a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

In this fascinating session Dr. Mihaela Ulieru, will give an inspiring introduction to the real business and social value of using combinations of emerging technologies to drive benefits across contract and commercial practices. Technology alchemist, Dr. Ulieru is an innovator at the edge of the impossible, travelling the globe to promote the business advantages of leveraging Blockchain and its potential to create equality and a more fair society. Since her early career she has inspired and supported young entrepreneurs - one of her first MSc students was Garret Camp, co-founder of Uber and StumbleUpon - and she currently advises several startups aiming to put the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" technologies (AI, Blockchain, IoT) to work to make the world a better place.

Dr. Mihaela Ulieru President, IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy



Speed Tech Demo Talks - get to your feet!

After being inspired by our Technology Alchemist Address, we invite our audience to get to their feet, split into groups and journey through 4 fast paced 15 minute tech demo speed talks. This high-energy session will give you critical insights into some of the most innovative technologies out there and their real life use cases. Each group will have 5 minutes to fire questions at the speakers before they are moved on by our Technology Guides. To have a chance to demo your technology, please contact Nikki Mackay: 

Tech demo talks confirmed:

Luigi Telesca Co-Founder & CEO, Trakti



IACCM Excellence Awards 2019 Presentation

Join us with drink in hand as we get a glimpse into the finalists of the 2019 Excellence Awards followed by the much anticipated awards presentation.



Chairperson's closing remarks


IACCM Welcome Drinks Reception and Networks of Interest

Relax with a drink and network! We invite you to choose from a lively array of informal roundtables. At each table you will find a hat full of conversation starters, you are also encouraged to throw your own ideas into the hat. So grab a drink and share your views on the following Networks of Interest:

1. Performance and Outcome Contracting

2. Social & Sustainable Procurement & Contracting 

3. Risk Management

4. Negotiation

5. Automation & Emerging Technologies


14 May 2019
Day 2



Conference Registration & Morning Coffee Executive Boardroom
Conference Registration & Networking Coffee Diversity Breakfast

Isabelle Roux-Chenu Head of Group Commercial & Contract Management, Capgemini



Chairperson's Opening Remarks


Technology futurist address: the intelligence revolution is here

We are in the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the “Intelligence Revolution.” In the next decade, emerging technologies will reshape business models in virtually every industry, fuelling the cognitive automation of traditional value chains. Those who emerge victorious will be smarter, faster and more connected. In this fascinating session David Nguyen will frame the next two conference days for delegates, giving unique insights into how these technologies are transforming government and commercial enterprises. You will learn how to build a foundational blockchain data lake and a culture where humans work alongside robots to accelerate and optimise business processes. You will understand why open source is absolutely essential to the cognitive automation infrastructure of the future. In short, be prepared!



David Nguyen CEO, United Solutions



Keynote Address: creating value through an integrated commercial function

Keynote video address: creating value through an integrated commercial function

Getting from today to tomorrow in a restructuring programme, what are the lessons that can be shared from the experience at Rolls-Royce? How do you identify the ‘value’ that can be gained from a commercial function integrated into day-to-day business activity; and then how do you extract as much of it as possible? What are the key enablers, who are the key stakeholders, and where are the bear-traps!



Mark Gregory GC, Rolls Royce



Boardroom decision-making behaviour under stress: the impact on hard and soft contracts

Leadership consultant Ciarán Fenton argues that, at times of great upheaval and change, the decision-making behaviour and processes on main and operating boards and teams come under great strain which increases risks and limits opportunities because it can negatively impact not just the "hard" commercial contracts with customers, suppliers and employees but also the "soft" contracts with these. He sets out a model to mitigate these risks.

Ciaran Fenton Leadership Consultant



Networking Coffee


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Contract Tech Infrastructure & Capital Projects Legal & Commercial Spotlight Executive Track Leading Change & Innovation

Offering you very practical insights into emerging technologies and how they fit into your business through real life client case studies - Contract Tech is Back! Featuring the IACCM 2019 Dragon's Den back by popular demand!

Client case study –  Elevate speaker announcement coming soon!

As infrastructure continues to be a huge area for the field of contract and commercial management, we are dedicating a track to infrastructure and capital projects. You will hear from a host of experts in practical case studies. lively hot seats and panels. 

Contract Management and Dispute Resolution Strategies

  • Key contractual risks in the construction industry, including design, assumption of responsibility, fitness for purpose and first site conditions, delay and increase costs;

  • Consideration of key liabilities under typical EPC, EPCM, and FIDIC contracts;

  • Causes of delay and claims;

  • Ascertaining solutions to achieve contract deliverables;

  • Dispute avoidance and dispute management;

  • Claim assessment and claim management; and 

  • Dispute resolution strategies, ADR, dispute escalation clauses, DRBs, DABs and arbitration 


Nicholas Gould Partner, Fenwick Elliott LLP

Dynamic change in the legal market is meaning that many lawyers are seeking to expand their commercial role, will this lead to greater contention or greater collaboration between commercial and legal staff? 

Panel discussion: reduced cost, faster cycle time and lower risk through innovative delivery of legal services

In this session we will bring together the law company, law firm and in-house team, each speaker will share experiences on the key ways in which a blended team has reduced cost, accelerated cycle time or lowered risk in contracting


Ciaran Fenton Leadership Consultant

Collaborative Innovation: How Clients and Service Providers Can Work By Design to Achieve It

Achieving innovation in complex partnerships and contracts is a thorny subject. At its worst, innovation becomes a meaningless buzzword. At its best, it can be a powerful mechanism for driving differentiating value across multiple partners. In this session, Tony Morgan will discuss how innovation can be consistently achieved "by design" rather than accident in commercial relationships. The content will be based upon real-world experience, including key enablers and examples. Tony will highlight how "design thinking" can be used to understand the needs and challenges of end users, clients and providers. Attendees will be encouraged to join in the debate, by providing their own input and insights.

Tony Morgan Executive Architect & Innovation Leader, IBM



Session switch


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Contract Tech Infrastructure & Capital Projects Legal & Commercial Spotlight Executive Track Leading Change & Innovation

Speaker announcement coming soon - SirionLabs

Construction industry hot seat

This session will look at impacts and limitations of technology in the industry as well as the impacts of culture on the contracting process and outcomes.  We’ll also discuss “five steps for success” in relation to the management of a project, including: 

  • Setting up the projects

  • Running the projects

  • Managing change

  • Dispute avoidance 

  • Dispute management


Nicholas Gould Partner, Fenwick Elliott LLP

In conversation: convergence of legal and commercial

Emerging technologies together with communities such as IACCM are enabling legal and commercial groups to move from a past based largely on opinion and personal judgment to a future based on research, data and analytics, this promises growing business influence and greater involvement in the formation of corporate strategies

Leading AI Innovation

Innovation is the art of moving as quickly as possible from idea to impact. Brilliant ideas count for nothing if they don’t cause real change for your customers, staff or partners. But innovation thrives in different conditions than business-as-usual, and the challenge for leaders is to create those conditions inside their organisations while keeping innovation relevant, connected and profitable. 

AI introduces even greater challenges, but even at this relatively immature stage of AI’s evolution, there is much that can be achieved with modest investment and careful consideration of your customers, your competitors and your capabilities. 

Based on multiple case studies and bruising lessons from the field, Gerard Frith will discuss the skills, strategies, funding patterns and structures that business leaders can use to enable AI innovation to flourish.


Gerard Frith Kemp Little Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and co-founder of KL Innovation.



Session switch


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Contract Tech Infrastructure & Capital Projects Legal & Commercial Spotlight Executive Track Leading Change & Innovation

Client case study –  Icertis speaker announcement coming soon!

Susanne Vorberg Senior Manager Digital Transformation Airbus Procurement, Airbus

Capital projects case study – AVEVA speaker announcement coming soon!

Panel discussion: contract and commercial management as career path

Organisations and senior executives are increasingly aware of the importance of Contract and Commercial Management as a critical business discipline, and yet CCM is only now emerging as a field of university study. How might this change traditional roots to the top? In this fascinating session we bring a diverse group together to talk about their path to Contract Management from lawyers to accountants to engineers.

Catja Frenzel Group Contract Management, Atos


Alastair Mullis Professor and Head of School of Law, University of Leeds

Globality: the way the world is going

Rory Unsworth Smart Contracts Counsel, Director, Reinsurance Finance, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd



Networking Lunch


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Contract Tech Industry Perspectives Internal Efficiency Executive Track Leading Change & Innovation

Client case study –  Thompson Reuters Pangea3 speaker announcement coming soon!

Our host of industry hot seats will dig deeper into the very latest trending topics, giving you unique insights into how a cross-section of industries are tackling the very challenges that we all face. 

Industry hot seat: trending topics in the Aerospace and Defense sector.

Tackling the challenges of operating to diverse contract and commercial models – what can we learn from Aerospace and Defense?

  • Exploring the industry shift towards outcomes
  • Addressing the need to increase use of SMEs
  • Tackling the challenges of local content requirements
  • How to reconcile long-term programs with geopolitical volatility?

Kim Miller Supply Chain Digital Integration & Analytics, Director, Boeing


Barry White SVP Commercial, Meggitt

Shell case study

In 2018 Shell were first in their industry to introduce Contract Visualisation and our judges made them clear winners in the IACCM Innovation Awards, following an IACCM recommendation they then went on to win a Financial Times Business Intelligence Award. In this session we will find out how this inspirational project progressing.


Fraser Hill Customer Journey Manager: Deal Making, Shell

Global Talent Address 
We all know that the role of contract and commercial managers will continue to change. New technologies are likely to accelerate those changes - and raise expectations about our business contribution. But what does that mean in terms of skills? And as we look at those future skills, what are the major gaps compared with the CCM function of today? This session will explore the challenges of equipping individuals and teams with the skills they need to adapt and flourish.

Marcus Luke Partner, The Miles Partnership



Session switch


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Contract Tech Industry Hot Seat: trending topics in the IT and IT services sector Internal Efficiency Executive Track Leading Change & Innovation

Client case study –  Exari speaker announcement coming soon!

Information technology continues to reshape our world – and this represents challenges not only for users, but also for providers. Dealing with the speed of change, growing expectations for committed outcomes, increasing pressure to demonstrate ‘return on investment’, a rapid shift to ‘as-a-service’ offerings - these are among the critical topics confronting the industry and demanding a dynamic commercial capability. The session will put key industry figures in the Hot Seat to understand how these factors are impacting and how they are dealing with it

Beatriz Antona Group Head of Contract Management - LCM, Atos

Antonio Calle Lead Legal Counsel, Accenture

The relevance of connected business: social architectures

  • Internet of Things is changing the way of collaboration

  • Industries are challenged in their core and also companies are evaluating new business models

  • New business models and impact on landscapes

  • Outlook how to get prepared


Otto Schell Global Enterprise SAP Business Architect and Head of SAP CCoE, Opel Automobile GmbH (PSA Group); CEO & Chairman International Relations, The Diplomatic Council Otto Schell Institute for Digital Transformation

Benchmarking: what can we learn from the most recent IACCM study?

As pressure grows to improve performance, functional leaders increasingly need reliable data. This session will provide preliminary results from IACCM’s 2018 global study and the opportunity to discuss emerging practices in what we should be measuring and comparing – for example, indicators of efficiency versus effectiveness; different organizational models; cost and revenue impacts

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM

Tim Cummins President, IACCM



Session Switch


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Dragon's Den Industry Hot Seat: Public Sector Outsourcing Internal Efficiency Executive Track Leading Change & Innovation

Back by popular demand Dragons’ Den will invite five Start-ups to pitch to our Dragons. Following a round of challenging questions from our Dragons there will be an audience vote but the Dragons will have the final say on who wins!

To be one of the lucky few to pitch to our Dragons and earn a coveted place in our Start-up Hub, please contact Nikki Mackay:

Long viewed as bureaucratic and unimaginative, the public sector has emerged in recent years as a front-runner in the need for commercial innovation and competence. High-profile, high-value shifts in the way that public services are delivered has resulted in a focus on contract and commercial competence and illustrated the challenges in building or acquiring appropriate resources. How can these demands be met? What role can the private sector play? To what extent is ‘bureaucracy’ an inevitable result of the need for probity and accountability in the use of public funds? Our industry leaders will share their experiences and views on how the challenges and opportunities of public procurement can be met. 

Barry Hooper Chief Commercial Officer Ministry of Justice, Government Commercial Function

Contract Economics - Risk allocation & acceptance as a source of value creation and leakage in contracts


We all know that capturing and retaining value in contracts can be difficult at the best of times, especially where it is so easy for buyers and suppliers to fall into conflict. However, such conflict is often just a symptom of tension created through an inappropriate risk allocation & transfer through the contract. In this presentation, Walter explores the theory of contractual risk transfer and its impact on supplier behaviours and conflict. We discuss how contractual risk transfer can create or destroy value. Commercially fit for purpose contracts should be based on an optimum risk transfer, but how should this be achieved in practice? We look at options that organisations have in structuring contracts to get better value and outcomes from their suppliers. This presentation draws strongly on case study examples to illustrate the benefits of appropriate commercial risk transfer and how this serves as a foundation for collaboration and building better commercial relationships.

Walter Akers Partner, Contract Management and Procurement Advisory Team, RSM Risk Assurance Services LL

Ethical Standards Working Group

Businesses today face not only growing regulatory demands, but also increased social expectations regarding corporate behaviour and values. Contracts – and those responsible for them – play a major role in maintaining ethical standards.  This workshop is designed to give you a better understanding of what that means in practice and the key areas that enhance or undermine an organization’s reputation and ethical standing, including quality and integrity of commitments to the market, ease and clarity of understanding, honesty and transparency of commercial practices.

We will unpack the contract terms, processes and tools that should be used to ensure business and supply chain integrity and to create a sustainable brand image.



Session Switch


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Dragon's Den External Value & Industry Perspectives Internal Efficiency Executive Track Leading Change & Innovation

Dragons Den continued...

Speaker announcement coming soon!

Capgemini’s award winning case study

In 2018 IACCM Members voted Capgemini as the clear winner of the IACCM Members’ Choice Innovation Award, following an IACCM recommendation they then went on to win a Financial Times Business Intelligence Award. In this session we will find out how their winning initiative is progressing.

Mani Agarwal Director Head of CCO Operations, Capgemini

Agnieszka Chmiel Senior Director, Capgemini

Ethical Standards Working Group continued...



The BIG Debate & Audience Vote

The motion: all buyers are unreasonable and all suppliers are dishonest this is a reality we can't change.

Arguing against the motion: 

Chaired by David Gingell, Chief Marketing Officer, Seal Software

Gary Sturgess NSW Premier's Chair of Public Service Delivery at Australia & New Zealand School of Government



Chairperson's Closing Remarks


IACCM Gala Dinner

A taste of Spain at Circulo de Bellas Artes


15 May 2019
Day 3



Registration & Networking Coffee


Chairperson's Opening Remarks


International keynote address: Just Another Paperclip? - Lessons Learned in Contracting for Complex Services

The procurement strategies and contracting behaviours that are suitable for commodified goods and services are often inappropriate for complex services requiring flexible and ongoing working relationships between clients and suppliers. Drawing on case studies from the UK public service market in recent years, where contractual relationships have failed on a large scale, and several large suppliers have struggled to survive, the paper explores the institutions, strategies and behaviours that are suited to contracting under such conditions. In particular, it focuses on the design of appropriate procurement and contracting arrangements, and need for investment in ongoing contract management capabilities

Gary Sturgess NSW Premier's Chair of Public Service Delivery at Australia & New Zealand School of Government



Fireside chat: who are the guardians of corporate ethics and what is the critical role that transparency plays in contracting?

Alexandra Wrage Founder & President, TRACE International



Session Switch


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Contract Tech Future Work Changing Behaviour Executive Board Room (invite only)

Client Case study to be announced - Conga

As IACCM proudly celebrates 20 years of innovation in contract and commercial management we’ll take a look at how IACCM have impacted individuals and their businesses, as well as what the future looks like for CCM as a career path.

Panel discussion: how has IACCM had a real and lasting impact on its members' job roles and way of thinking?

In this session our panelists will bring to life the very essence of what IACCM advocates in the field of CCM: change, innovation, standards and commercial transformation. Our panelists represent members from a diverse set of industries and will talk about how IACCM has had a real and lasting impact not only on the way they work but also on their professional outlook.


Jane Fa Contract Manager, O2

Verity White Legal Counsel & Automation Coach, Telstra

In this track we focus on how taking a human centered approach and adopting a different mindset can have an iportant impact on our commercial practices. 

Conveying Security and Optimism through Contracts

Contracts clarify conditions, but do they also influence expectations and exchange behaviour?  This session features experts who will discuss the results of their current research on contract language, including tests conducted with CCM community members.  The findings include evidence that contract language influences exchanges and shapes relationships, which means that contract clauses can be used strategically to align with contractors’ goals.

Dr. Libby Weber Associate Professor; University of California, Irvine

Leaders of the Future Presentations

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Session Switch


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Contract Tech Future Work Changing Behaviour Executive Board Room (invite only)

Contract Tech wrap-up Q&A:

We give our audience the opportunity to question key contributors of the contract tech track as they summarize some of the critical lessons of the track, giving practical tips on the next steps in advocating and implementing new technology approaches.

We will also present the winner of the EMEA 2019 Dragons’ Den!

Speaker announcement coming soon!

Self-awareness: increasing your potential

This fascinating session is aimed to help you to gain valuable insights into your own preferences and qualities from three different perspectives. By acknowledging that we behave differently depending on the situation, you can reveal how to play more to your strengths, realise hidden potential, cope better under pressure and discover practical actions for improved communication, relationships, teamwork and leadership.

Claire Drury Learning & Organisational Development Consultant

Barry White SVP Commercial, Meggitt

Leaders of the Future Presentations continued...

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Morning Coffee


A day in the life 2022 and the Battle of the Futurists

As part of IACCM’s 20th Birthday year, this session will be opened by an inspiring look into future professions and outcome thinking, then you will listen to 3 IACCM Futurists as they battle it out, presenting 3 alternative views of the future as it relates to CCM, its role and function. The audience will vote on the most convincing argument live at the event!



Leaders of the Future Awards Presentation


Call to Action & Closing Remarks

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Picnic Lunch


Closing Workshop 1 Closing Workshop 2 Closing Workshop 3

The Award winning SMARTnership negotiation workshop is back by popular demand and is NOT TO BE MISSED. Invest 90 minutes and leave with a complete new vision on negotiation.

Our Workshop Leader Keld Jensen is one of the leading speakers and advisors on negotiation, a TEDx speaker, professor and author. The workshop is a “slim” version of the full scale online MasterClass in SMARTnership Negotiation strategies. You will get and introduction into the World’s most awarded negotiation strategy – SMARTnership negotiation and the mathematical model of NegoEconomics, that claims that up to 42% of the values in a negotiation are not capitalized!

By participating in this workshop the participants will:

  • Be able to understand the award winning SMARTnership strategy
  • Understand negotiation as an important organisational strategy
  • Get hands on experience in a negotiation simulation and try the concept themselves
  • Be able to identify the unutilised potential of up to 42% value through NegoEconomic
  • Leave equipped with the analytic tools necessary to understand and think about the importance of negotiation

By participating in the workshop, the participant will qualify for a special rate for the Online program on SMARTnership negotiation with IACCM.

Keld Jensen Senior Negotiation Advisor, Professor, Award Winning Author Marketwatch

Vikki Rogers Vice-President, Learning, Development & Research, IACCM

Simplifire – co-building a negotiation platform promoting the IACCM Contracting Principles

This workshop offers a consultation with potential users on a free negotiation platform which is currently being built. The purpose of the tool is to allow the exchange of document versions and to capture the audit trail.  The USP of the tool is that it will promote and track both collaboration and the adoption and benefits of IACCM Principles.  We will (i) explain the concept (ii) showcase the tool in its demo state, and (iii) carry out a 20-minute negotiation exercise between the tables, matched up in pairs.

Müge Cöteli Contracts Specialist, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd

Rory Unsworth Smart Contracts Counsel, Director, Reinsurance Finance, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd

IACCM Contract Design Pattern Library: A new toolbox for designing more usable and understandale contracts.


This hands-on workshop will showcase the first release of the IACCM Contract Design Pattern Library. The Library is a collection of guidelines, explanations, and examples to inspire and support you in exploring user-friendly approaches to contract simplification and visualization. 


During this workshop you will learn what the Library is about and how to use its patterns to create user-friendly, clearer contracts. You will have a chance to try your hand at contract redesign and get inspired to get started on your contract (re)design journey.

Dr. Helena Haapio Associate Professor, University of Vaasa; Lexpert Ltd

Dr. Stefania Passera Contract Design and Visualisation Consultant, Passera Design



Close of IACCM's Europe Conference 2019