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Academic Forum 2014 - Modern Contract Management; Integrating contract theory, law, and organization studies

Take a look at the Academic Forum publication from the Europe Forum 2014 hosted in Copenhagen.

Contract & Commercial Management: What lies ahead?

It has been a dramatic year for many in the contracts and commercial community.  Governments and corporate management are steadily awakening to the important contribution that commercial competence and contracting capability make to organizational performance. Media reports, audit reports and reports by leading consultancies have all called for increased investment and professionalization in our field.

But this growing focus has led to growing expectations and sometimes, existing resources have been perceived as part of the problem. So as we enter 2015, what are the steps needed to ensure you are seen as offering solutions, as being core to the delivery of business value through improved contracts, better relationships and more consistent application of good judgment?

Watch this webinar where Tim shares his observations on 2014 and his recommendations for the year ahead. Make sure you are prepared and can take advantage of the opportunities that lie before you.

Finding the Right Contract Management System: What are my options?

One of the most confusing aspects of selecting a contract management system is the variety of solutions to choose from. Perhaps you’ve been to the websites, read the sales pitches, and poured through the testimonials, but none of that really helped you sort it out. One list of features and benefits sounded a lot like the other. How do you make sense of it all so you can focus on the best options for your company? That’s precisely what this white paper helps you understand. After all, you don’t need to be an expert on all the systems out there; you need to find and select the one system that is right for your company.

Although there are dozens of options and different kinds of systems available, a headto-head comparison between most of them is impossible. It’s not even comparing apples to oranges but rather, apples to hamburgers. Many systems
are categorically different and therefore, not comparable at all. It is these differences that usually cause all the confusion. When you understand the categories, three-quarters of the work is done.

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Building a Business Case for the Right Solution

When companies do business with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of customers and vendors, it is often impossible to standardize contract terms. And yet, a single miss of a detail can cost a company millions of dollars in lost revenue, unnecessary expenses, or both. Worse, such losses often happen under the radar. They frequently go undetected and are usually inadvertent.

These unnecessary expenses and lost opportunities arise from internally grown practices known as “reactive management.” The best reactively managed departments respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of the organization as they arise and are requested, whether it is the sales organization hunting down renewal opportunities or the purchasing department working to bundle contracts.

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Procurement and Legal Working Together - IACCM White Paper

This white paper explores the Critical Role of Collaboration between procurement and legal in Managing Today’s Business Environment

Procurement and Legal pursue a common goal of improving the overall health of their company. However, their specific contribution to company objectives is different and often drives them down divergent paths.  Procurement has traditionally been focused on bottom line cost savings and mitigating supply risk, while Legal has sought to protect business assets and to ensure regulatory and jurisdictional compliance.  This paper outlines today’s environment for Procurement and Legal relationships and the direction of change.

  • Pressure from the Market
  • Looking beyond today’s processes
  • Markets are maturing
  • A portfolio of agreements
  • Building confidence
  • A key ingredient; technology

The report proposes a way forward for collaboration between the two disciplines. Download the full paper to learn more:

Contract Management requires knowledge of your stakeholders

In the Netherlands Contract Management is often arranged from the point of view of procurement. This has an bad influence on the relationship with the own organisation. Therefore it is important to know who are your stakeholders advises Cecilia van Velsen.

Research from the International Commercial Contract Management proves that it is possible to save 9 % on your purchase expenses. This is why you can easily  make money out of a contract manager. Take for example a € 1.000.000.- contract on which you can save € 90.000.-

Especially you can make money on areas of ICT , energy and facilities by using contract management: 13% on ICT and energy and up to 40% on service contracts.

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Contract & Commercial Management Why they are rising on the business agenda

As executives seek to respond to the demands and opportunities of today's markets, they increasingly understand that Contract and Commercial Management are key competencies. What does that mean for professionals in legal, procurement and contract management?

New contract approaches, new skills, new process and new software are among the many changes impacting the contracts and commercial community. This webinar will offer a brief summary of the critical changes and opportunities; it will also provide details of IACCM's forthcoming events in Asia and Australia - events that will equip our members with the insights and knowledge they need to respond to executive demands.

Committing to Value Buying & Value Selling

What happens when procurement and sales talk 'value'? More often than not, procurement will argue that sales will talk 'value' without quantifying it. Sales will argue procurement doesn't want to pay for value and is ultimately seeking lowest price...

In most organizations, the term value is overused and not delivered upon, largely not because the buyer or seller only offer lip service, but because of existing company culture, metric and reward structures.

But we all want value, right?

We invited two great IACCM conference speakers, representing value selling and value buying, to debate how you can spend less time negotiating and more time on buying, selling, delivering and receiving value.

  • Lisa McLeod Author; Business Coach; President, McLeod&More (Sales Perspective)
  • Todd Snelgrove, Global Value Manager, SKF Group (Procurement Perspective)

Discussion Host: Roselle Harde, Director of Development, IACCM