Event Sponsors

IACCM’s purpose in sponsored events is to provide an optimal prospect engagement and networking environment while maintaining our commitment to respecting our members’ privacy.

We invite registered sponsor representatives to actively participate in all general event activities. 

Specifically, we encourage registered sponsors to attend meeting sessions, meal functions and receptions.  We believe that this level of participation provides an opportunity for our sponsor community to be fully informed of the event proceedings and provides a more natural, collegial environment for them to network with our members.

IACCM events are designed to showcase thought leadership and best practices in Contracts and Commercial Management.  Our events have a long standing reputation of being gatherings of leading expert practitioners and executives to share their experience and knowledge.  IACCM members are the core of our event presenters, and they participate in not only their own sessions but throughout the entire event.  This contributes to the networking opportunities for all event participants and the community atmosphere at IACCM events.

Interested in becoming a sponsor for the 2018 Conference? Contact Bob Emery at for more information.

Platinum Sponsors




Exari delivers the most complete Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management platform, used every day by market-leading companies to understand all aspects of their contract ecosystem worldwide. With Exari, customers can reduce contract risk and improve operating efficiency with 100% Contract Certainty™.


Event Sponsors




Agiloft, Inc. is a trusted provider of agile business process software. Our unique platform enables our pre-built and custom applications to be tailored to your exact needs without writing custom code, so deployment times and costs are a fraction of those required for other systems.

Agiloft's proven Contract Management Suite to automate the complete contract lifecycle, streamline your approval process, and integrate contract information into related business processes.




AVEVA ProCon is a contract management solution that connects all decision makers to protect organizational investment. It does this by driving performance and improving profitability when building and operating high value assets through enhanced interface management. Effectively managing all commercial activity at every phase of the strategic asset's life cycle, ProCon provides built-in best-practice, claims management and contract bid management processes help to add peace of mind through alignment, transparency and efficiency.




Concord is the only contract management platform that streamlines and simplifies how companies buy, sell, and manage their business by automating the last manual business process—contracts. Connect all your people, processes, and documents, and manage all contracts, at every stage, including negotiation, all in one place.




Conga helps organizations to thrive in an automated world by delivering intelligent Contract Automation, Document Automation, and Sales & Support Automation solutions that drive business productivity through digital transformation and by automating everyday tasks. For over a decade, Conga has provided enterprise applications with superior support and industry expertise to over 600K users in more than 45 countries.  



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ContractWorks provides a simple, affordable contract management solution for companies struggling with overly-complicated software, spreadsheets, and other manual methods. ContractWorks delivers a secure, central repository with the features needed to track contract milestones, build customizable reports, and provide visibility into the contract portfolio. ContractWorks includes built-in electronic signature capabilities, unlimited users, unlimited contracts, and low, flat-fee pricing. Get up and running with our contract management software in 30 minutes.




A software publisher and integrator for more than 20 years, DiliTrust offers a full range of solutions and services dedicated to the Corporate Governance and in the safe sharing of sensitive and confidential data. The DiliTrust offer includes :
• The collaborative legal management platform DiliTrust Governance, which centralises and organises all the data relevant to corporate lawyers ;
• A virtual support platform for the governance of Executive Boards and other Management Bodies with the intuitive and user-friendly application DiliTrust Exec ;
• Electronic data room services enabling the provision of confidential data, with the DiliTrust Data Room offer ;
• A simple tool to guarantee the secure transfer of sensitive and large files with DiliTrust MFT.
Known for its expertise and know-how in its markets, DiliTrust is committed to its 640 customers in over 43 countries, providing support to their managers in achieving their goals in terms of regulatory compliance.




Elevate is the business of law provider of strategy, operations, technology and talent for legal departments and law firms. Our consultants, lawyers, process engineers, and technologists improve efficiency, quality and outcomes for clients worldwide. Elevate's contract lifecycle management solutions help our clients extend and enable their legal teams, and our expertise in process improvement helps our clients work more efficiently and effectively. Elevate was ranked No. 53 on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies for 2016.


Kim Technologies


Every so often a new generation of software is born that redefines the world of work. Each has transformed the way knowledge workers do their work, but they all came with one fundamental limitation. They required knowledge workers to adapt to the design of IT systems, rather than the other way around – a classic case of the tail wagging the dog. Enter Kim.

Kim represents the next wave of AI-driven automation software that empowers knowledge workers with no IT programing experience to create systems that reflect how their work is actually performed, rather than comply with someone else’s idea of how it should be. What does that mean in practice? We just put control back into the hands of the world’s knowledge workers!

Using Kim’s intuitive Knowledge Automation Platform, subject experts from any industry can now automate their own processes, workflows and documents on-the-fly, as well as create integration components with other systems – all from an intuitive interface with not a line of code in sight. Automation projects that once took an IT development team months to complete can be done in a few hours by legal, HR, procurement and many other professionals.



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ContractStandards, powered by KMStandards, combines advanced contract analytics technology with high editorial standards to serve as your one-stop shop for all your contract template needs. Our public site ( analyze publicly available agreements. The software automatically determines how the agreements are organized, what clauses they contain, the standard language for each clause, and the full range of deal-specific variations. ContractStandards editors then conform sample language to our rigorous drafting style to ensure clarity and optimum performance.

Our clients harness the power of ContractStandards to build and maintain your own private libraries. Start with your templates and clauses, or clone ours and quickly adapt them to your needs. Create playbooks and share drafting guidance to ensure high quality, consistent terms when the contract is drafted on your paper or a third party’s. Reduce maintenance costs and  synchronize clause language across all your templates. Edit a single instance of a clause and it will automatically update all templates.





Mindcrest Inc. is a leading legal services company that specializes in Contracts Management, Compliance, Legal Analytics, and Litigation & Investigations.

We offer innovative technology-driven results to many of the world’s largest organizations. By combining legal expertise with strong project management, Mindcrest delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions to clients across multiple industries.

Mindcrest has delivery centers in Chicago, New York, London, and Pune, India.


Seal Software


Seal Software is the leading provider of contract discovery, data extraction and analytics. With Seal’s machine learning and natural language processing technologies, companies can find contracts of any file type across their networks, quickly understand what risks or opportunities are hidden in their contracts and place them in a centralized repository. Based in San Francisco, Seal empowers enterprises around the world to maximize revenue opportunities, reduce costs and mitigate risks associated with contractual documents, systems and processes. For more information, visit Seal Software at




SirionLabs is the leading enterprise SaaS provider for post-signature contract management. The Sirion platform significantly reduces the cost of supplier governance by automating complex procedures across key governance disciplines of contract, performance, financial, relationship, and risk management. Advanced process automation cultivates trust, transparency, and authenticity in sourcing transactions and strengthens buyer-supplier relationships, reduces value leakage, and deepens performance insights. Visit us, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Thomson Reuters


Thomson Reuters is the global leader in providing technology-enabled alternative legal services to Fortune 1000 companies and Am Law 200 firms. Our end-to-end contract lifecycle management solutions are tailored to your organization’s needs, helping to free your Legal and contracting function for more strategic work while simultaneously driving consistency, compliance and improved commercial terms. Our solutions include contract templates and playbooks, drafting and review, contract risk management, and due diligence. We service clients from delivery centers all over the world as well as second seasoned lawyers directly to our clients' offices, creating a hub-and-spoke extension of your Legal team to show tangible results in legal service delivery.




Ultria offers end-to-end, SaaS-deployed, Contract Lifecycle Management solution for the Enterprise—Ultria CLM. It is a market-proven solution with a legacy of successful deployments over more than seven years. With a workflow based authoring and approval tool, and a comprehensive repository of contracts and clauses, Ultria CLM helps companies across the spectrum derive greater value from their contracts. By connecting with eSignature and CRM solutions, Ultria CLM seamlessly streamlines the quote to contract conversion process. Its post-signoff contract management capabilities empower the enterprise to extract the maximum value out of contracts, mitigate risks, and ensure regulatory compliance.