Conference Agenda

We are currently working on the 2018 Conference Agenda, further details will be announced soon. Please see below the 2017 Agenda.

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11 Oct 2017
Day 1



Registration & Breakfast


Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Executive Boardroom Session
Aligning Output Specifications, Submission requirements and Evaluation Criteria for Superior Outcomes IACCM Maturity Model Workshop Leaders of the Future - Invitation Only
  • be challenged in a mock design and evaluation competition of a major project
  • identify flaws in the process using your deductive reasoning skills
  • prepare for contract negotiations that align to some of the challenges faced today on the country's largest construction projects

  • Commercial Powerhouses have embraced a new agenda, which yields greater effect and returns – what is that agenda?
  • IACCM’s Maturity Model is a compilation of the 57 best practices which are commonly found in Commercial Powerhouses – how have they integrated those practices?
  • Each of the Maturity Model practices can be embraced and implemented in most enterprises – what are the investments and rewards in doing so?

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Registration & Networking Coffee Break


Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Executive Boardroom Session
IACCM Top Negotiated Terms 2016/17 Negotiation Workshop - Deal Economics that Foster Customer-Supplier Collaboration Workshop in Spanish - The Role of the Contract Manager in Latin America Leaders of Today: Invitation Only
  • The nature of commerce is changing, and how we contract and negotiate must also change – but how?
  • Come for an update of IACCM’s annual “Top Terms” research and insight into how automation will change the way we negotiate.

  • Understand what the research tells us about successful investing in customer-supplier relationships.
  • Get a better understanding of best practices in successful customer-supplier investments.
  • Work on a real problem that a client posed to the speaker and provide your insights.

  • The role of the Contract Manager
  • How the role has evolved in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries?
  • How IACCM can help global organizations in their effort to align their subsdiaries in Spanish speaking countries with their contracting corporative policies & how to make best use of IACCM corporate membership

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Registration & Networking Lunches


Networking Lunch Networking Lunch for Executive Board Room Attendees
Networking Lunch For All - Meet the IACCM Team Lunch for Executive Board Room Attendees - Invitation Only

Meet the Team; This networking lunch includes a special opportunity for newcomers to meet each other and members of the IACCM Team and of course, for many, connecting with familiar faces.  

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Welcome from the Conference Chair

Start of General Sessions - All attendees to Main Session Room



Keynote : Welcome Address from Canadian Minister



Becoming a Commercial Powerhouse : Putting the need into context
  • why we need to develop our capabilities
  • what are the important changes
  • how to make those changes - and where IACCM can help

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Keynote Panel : Complex Projects - Challenges, Opportunities & Lessons Learned

Introductory Presentation by Panel Moderator, Ross Altman: The Price of Risk

  • Contracts should allocate risk in a sensible way.
  • Although there may be some benefit to risk transfer, there also often are adverse consequences.
  • Contracts can be used to facilitate success, instead of primarily planning for potential failure. 





Networking Coffee Break


Track A Track B Track C
CASE STUDY : Positive Disruption : a CLM Implementation Case Study RESEARCH STUDY : Trust in Outsourcing CASE STUDY : Transformation of Contracts Management in a Time of Uncertainty

Introduced by Contract Logix

  • The decision to automate
  • Overcoming obstacles to digitization
  • Automating the full contract lifecycle

  • I?n outsourcing, ?inter-organizational trust is important for both buyers and vendors
  • A breach of trust is likely to occur in 25% to 35% of outsourcing relationships  
  • 1/6 of outsourcing relationships will terminate and go to another vendor due to lack of trust, symptomized by lack of communication between vendor and buyer

  • The journey undertaken over a 2. 5 year period to improve contract management in Nexen, as a component of an overall Supply Chain Management Transformation
  • The challenging position at the starting point of the journey in January 2015, key steps in the transformation, including policy development and implementation , a new contract management System IT Application, and the implementation of a governance model
  • Key success factors and challenges encountered



Session switch


Track A Track B Track C
CASE STUDY : From Exari & PwC Obligation Management CASE STUDY : CCM LatAm Journey from Capgemini
  • PwC first engaged with Exari due to their needs from the Tax and Assurance groups, which consisted around creating a uniform contract authoring process to support up to 32,000 licensed users globally.
  • Beyond the initial contract generation needs, PwC sought to further enhance their overall external contracting processes.  As a result, the Contracting Center of Excellence (CCoE) was formed.
  • The CCoE began with an enterprise contracting environment model using Exari, which later expanded to leverage Exari Vision and its data extraction solution to build PwC's capabilities to full contract lifecycle management, including robust contract data analysis for enhanced risk management and reporting and a legacy contract repository.  

  • Obligation Management has three steps:  Extraction, allocation of ownership and tracking/jeopardy management
  • It is best done with the aid of natural language processing and machine learning technology
  • Forget the hype – technology will not negate the need for effective, professional contract and commercial management

  • Lessons to help you to boost CCM
  • What kind of teams you must have
  • What is the future?



Session switch


THE GREAT DEBATE : In the future, Procurement will be a sub-element of Contract Management

Debate Leader - Noah Hanft




Keynote Panel : Industry Speaks



The IACCM Innovation Awards 2017 Ceremony - Celebrating Excellence & Innovation in Contracting


Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Welcome Reception sponsored by Exari


Exhibition Hall



IACCM Board & Fellows Dinner sponsored by Apttus - Invitation Only

12 Oct 2017
Day 2



Registration & Morning Coffee for all Attendees


Chairpersons' Opening Remarks


Keynote : Al and Contracts : Putting Artificial Intelligence to work

Presentation by Accenture



Keynote : Making Sense of the Future : Understanding the process and impact of codification in enabling Smart Contracts (with practical examples)

Keynote Panel : The real impacts of emerging technology (blockchain, NLP, Al and advanced analytics)


Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM




Networking Break


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Contract Technology The end of Precedents & Templates : Emerging Contract Standards & the Impact on Trading Relationships Skills & Knowledge - CASE STUDY : Developing Commercial Capability Organization & Process : CASE STUDY : The Importance of Change Management in Quote to Cash Deployments

This track offers participants in-depth insights to the way that technology is transforming contract and commercial processes, contract terms and skills.  Featuring many of the leading innovators from the technology sector, together with thought leaders who are deploying these technologies to fundamentally change the way that trading relationships are formed and managed.

Presentations by iManage, Exari & Sirion Labs




  • Quote to Cash transformations are a perfect storm of IT deliverables, business and operational requirements, process improvement, diverse stakeholders, change management and criticality to sales.  This presentation seeks to provide assistance navigating those rough waters.
  • As a fast-moving technology company with a complex legacy environment, the Quote-to-Cash transformation at Rogers Communications provides a useful model for companies contemplating a similar change.
  • By asking the right questions prior to and during a Quote to Cash transformation, companies can get to a better long-term outcome, with fewer obstacles along the way.



Session Switch


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Contract Technology CASE STUDY : How helpless campesinas, vulnerable lawyers and powerful ship captains ethically and safely win in government extortion situations CASE STUDY : Managing Commercial Excellence in a de-centralized organization CASE STUDY : From Determine & Robert Half International

Contract Tech Continued

Panel Discussion with iManage, Exari & Sirion Labs




Networking Lunch Executive Boardroom Lunch
Networking Lunch Sponsored by Exari. Invitation only



Track A Track B Track C
Contract Technology CASE STUDY : How we information-enable SAP's contract & commercial management Skills & Knowledge - Big Bangs are Risky! Practical steps for deploying CCM Technology that will really work

This track offers participants in-depth insights to the way that technology is transforming contract and commercial processes, contract terms and skills.  Featuring many of the leading innovators from the technology sector, together with thought leaders who are deploying these technologies to fundamentally change the way that trading relationships are formed and managed.

Presentations by Apttus, Clause, IBM  & LegalSifter


  • Why digital transformation?
  • Steps to interim solution and lessons learned
  • What does the future hold for digital contract creation and negotiation?

  • Implementing new contracting technologies – now is the time!
  • Three successful technology implementations - If we can do it, you can do it!
  • Lessons learned and best practices to take with you



Session Switch


Track A Track B Track C Track D
Contract Technology CASE STUDY : Accelerate, Protect,... and be the glue! PANEL DEBATE : Embedding "Agile" as a discipline in your organization CASE STUDY : Redefining CLM to Realize the Power of the Connected Enterprise

Contract Tech continued

Panel Discussion with Apttus, Clause, IBM & LegalSifter


  • The digital transformation opportunity
  • Ticket to the game : Contract & risk management
  • Commercial Management : Where magic happens!
  • Glimpse into the future : Assisted CCM

Come and hear from two very different organizations how they are using lean to drive more effective and more responsive legal services to their commercial teams.

Topics the panel will cover will include:

  • Successes and challenges of the lean journey
  • Role of technology and automation in lean organizations
  • How to build effective organization and engagement



Introduced by Sirion Labs

  • The cheese has moved again. Shifts in the procurement landscape and technology advancements are redefining CLM to be much more than previously expected.
  • By enabling a connected enterprise, CLM is delivering unprecedented value retention, efficiencies, relationship enhancement, analytics and bottom line impact
  • Is your organization leveraging these developments to get more out of its procurement relationships or is it still in the “catch-up mode”?



Networking Break


Track A Track B Track C
Contract Standards & Trading Relationships : How Open Contracting Data Transforms Procurement and Saves Everyone Time and Money CASE STUDY : Discipline and Moral Imperatives in Managing Complex Infrastructure Projects - Risks and Cognitive Bias CASE STUDY : Cooperation through clarity : designing simplified contracts
  • Government procurement is one of the largest markets in a country, yet, it remains an untapped, closed and underused market.
  • Better, smarter and timely open contracting data on the government's spending on infrastructure, goods, and services is essential to generate more opportunities for companies - especially for small and medium businesses and those exploring to join the market.
  • Companies need to be able to access and use the information on government procurement effectively. Better feedback channels, with smarter analytics based on quality open data will allow to level the playing field and create a transparent, fair and efficient way to government contracts.

  • How and why we simplified a complex document set
  • The business imperative for the change and the challenges faced along the way
  • The social and relational benefits we now enjoy



Session Switch


Track A Track B
KEYNOTE A - LPO Panel KEYNOTE B - Fireside Chat

Experts discuss their view on the future of legal process outsourcing



Blockchain: risk and managing supplier relationships

Joseph F. Martinez Chief Procurement & Financial Operations Officer, MUFG Americas



Session Switch


Keynote : Research Frontiers in Contract Design
  • Academic research into contract design over the past twenty five years has been guided by waves of multi-disciplinarity: first economic theory, then econometrics, then behavioral science and now computer engineering.
  • A persistent and core issue is the determination of what contract terms should be specified fully up front and what should be left to be determined later (such as through vague language).
  • Current researchers are debating which of the functions in the contract life cycle can be automated and how much will continue to require human judgment.?



GDPR : What You Need to Know
  • What is the GDPR and why does it matter to you
  • What to remember when reviewing inbound contracts for GDPR compliance
  • What to remember when reviewing outbound contracts for GDPR compliance



Drinks, Dinner & Sporting Competitions at the Real Sports Bar & Grill

The Real Sports Bar & Grill - ( a short walk from the Westin – directions available from the Registration Desk)


13 Oct 2017
Day 3



Morning Coffee


Track A Track B
CASE STUDY : UPITT CLM Journey with Ecteon Contraxx RESEARCH STUDY : Global Construction Disputes Report 2017 - Avoiding the Same Pitfalls

Defragmenting Contract Management Processes

  • Contracts at the University & their Challenges
  • Implementation & Solution
  • Results

  • The duration and amounts of disputes have changed throughout the years.  What does that tell us about the construction industry.
  • There are factors we can identify and address that will help us mitigate and avoid disputes
  • The forums and how disputes are being resolved are changing.



Session Switch


Track A Executive Boardroom Session
KEYNOTE A - Canada in the Procurement Landscape Leaders of the Future Presentations
  • Public Services and Procurement Canada is the Government of Canada's common service provider for federal procurement.
  • The government has committed to deliver procurement processes that reflect modern best practices.
  • This keynote will focus on key initiatives which have the potential to transform federal procurement: the simplification of processes; agile procurement; the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Trade Agreement (CETA); and, the skills and capacity of our procurement professionals.

Invitation Only

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Track A Executive Boardroom Session
KEYNOTE A - Contracts Conflict and Culture: The Best Kept Secrets of Commercial Success Leaders of the Future Presentations
  • Planning for disputes is good business
  • Effective early identification and resolution of disputes is a sign of a well-managed company and a good business partner
  • Three heads are better than two...a "standing neutral" can help start or keep a business relationship going

Invitation Only

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Networking Break & Hotel Check out


Track A Track B
CASE STUDY : Risk, Compliance & Partnering RESEARCH STUDY : Digital Transformation and the cloud: impacts on the contracting process. Survey results and conclusions
  • Risk Management of Third Parties – Criticality of same and RBC’s journey;
  • RBC’s management of key suppliers from a risk and relationship perspective. What’s worked well/opportunities for improvement;
  • Key skills/competencies needed from your team;
  • What can third parties do to become “Suppliers of Choice”
  • Lessons learned along the journey; recommendations.

  • Trends and developments in contracting for cloud services
  • Benchmark terms and conditions globally
  • Impact of digitization on contracting processes.



Session Switch


Keynote : Sustainable Growth Pillars - Chief Compliance Officer's (CCO) Perspective
  • 3M Culture built on Innovation, Ethics and Inclusion
  • Compliance as a Competitive Advantage
  • Contracts and Commercial professionals as enablers of growth



Closing Remarks - Leaders of the Future Winners Presentation & Call to Action

Sally Hughes CEO, IACCM



Closing Lunch


Closing Workshop 1 Closing Workshop 2 Closing Workshop 3 Executive Boardroom Session
Collaborative Contracting in Practice Controlled Contract Language - Simplified Contract English: Is standardization in the contracts field possible? Research indicates it is Workshop in Spanish - Reflections and the Future of Contract and Commercial Management in Latin America IACCM Board Meeting - Invitation Only
  • Collaborative Contracting has recently experienced significant traction – what is driving this?
  • Those who undertake Collaborative Contracting projects have captured substantial benefits – what are those benefits?
  • Collaborative Contracting advocates still face resistance and barriers – how have they overcome the challenges?



End of Americas Conference 2017

11 Oct 2018
Day 4



Commercial Innovation
  • Innovation is a much-used term and in high demand, but how clear are we on what it is?
  • Where is our baseline – what are we doing at the moment that is innovative?
  • What is possible - what do we need to address as professionals to unlock more value from innovation?