Emerging Technology

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The companies listed joined us in 2019  

App Orchid

The App Orchid platform helps enterprises create powerful predictive apps quickly. The App Orchid platform uses deep learning and natural language processing with industry specific content delivered through knowledge graphs, to help enterprises get insights not possibly prior. App Orchid blends historical and real-time, structured and unstructured data with user “tribal knowledge” to deliver innovative enterprise apps bucketed into four functional areas: AssetThink, CustomerThink, PeopleThink and DocuThink. Our newest solution ContractAI, is an AI powered SaaS-based solution that automates the creation and negotiation of contracts. ContractAI utilizes AI to automatically analyze historical contracts to author templates and identify clause options that are win-win, contentious, or high risk. ContractAI leverages these AI generated templates to eliminate the painful redlining process. Enterprises can streamline the terms of negotiation based on past learnings, thereby reducing exposure to high-risk terms and conditions. Vendors can easily choose alternative acceptable terms and significantly reduce the business, legal and procedural costs utilizing an AI-based scoring system. For more information, please visit


Clause is the leading provider of Connected Contracting® technology, enabling users to add Smart Clause® provisions to turn their existing legal agreements into “living documents” that integrate with enterprise software systems post-   signature. Companies in industries as diverse as supply chain, insurance, telecom, financial services, retail, and others can use Clause to automate compliance with legally binding contract obligations, reducing operating costs and     minimizing revenue leakage. Clause also provides real-time visibility about the contract performance of partners, suppliers, customers, and other counterparties. Connected Contracting functionality from Clause can be accessed via a   web application or the Clause API. Clause powers the DocuSign® Smart Clause functionality of the DocuSign Agreements Cloud™.


Leaflet Corporation

Leaflet Corporation designs, sells and supports the Leaflet Contract Automation and Management Platform, winner of the Legaltech news Innovation Award for “Best Document Automation/Management.”  Leaflet’s automated templates (with no programming required) and clause libraries integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Word, as well as leading DM, CRM, CLM, and eSignature solutions to simplify the entire process of contract drafting, collaboration, workflow, negotiation, signing, and post execution management. Used in Fortune 1000 companies, and both AmLaw 200 and mid-sized law firms – Leaflet's patent-pending machine learning technologies and services help make contract managers, procurement professionals, and lawyers markedly more efficient and productive.


At Malbek, gone are the days of complicated, outdated and costly contract management platforms that are difficult to use and even harder to configure and maintain. Malbek innovates at the speed of now, giving you the same consumer-grade user experience that you enjoy with your personal devices at home, but in your office to manage your contracts. With self-service configuration tools built-in, our contract lifecycle management solution requires minimal – almost zero – IT assistance, which leads to a lower total cost of ownership. Search and track contracts with ease, author and negotiate contracts faster to reduce cycle time, build your own reports that might just impress even your technical team, gaining incredible insight from contract data – contract intelligence right at your fingertips. That's contract management reimagined!