Startup Hub

A big thank you to all of the startup companies who participated in the Startup Hub at the IACCM Americas Conference 2018!

We are inviting small Startup businesses the opportunity to participate in our Americas Conference, free of charge and promote their product or service to our conference delegates.

This is a unique chance to be in front of senior managers from more than 120 organisations, including some of the world’s top corporations. As part of the IACCM Startup Hub, you have the following opportunities:

The number of participants in the startup hub is limited, so if you believe you have a product or service which is of interest to contract and commercial management professionals, please contact Bob Emery at for more details.

Featured Startups




BlackBoiler provides efficiency solutions to companies, law firms and legal service providers that streamline the contract negotiation process. BlackBoiler is proud to introduce AI-Assisted Contract Review, the first tool to instantaneously review and revise contracts right in Track Changes, just like an attorney. Powered by proprietary Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, AI-Assisted Contract Review is also the first product to leverage historical contract data to do the work of marking up future contracts. This allows for a product that is fully bespoke and that grows smarter with every use. Reduce costs and accelerate revenue capture with BlackBoiler. 




Malbek is transforming the revenue-critical space of enterprise quotes & contracts with a comprehensive CLM solution in the cloud, with a user experience as simple as using an ATM, accelerating contract effectiveness and profitability through powerful insights that helps you Speed the Green™!




Founded in 2017, Outlaw has reinvented the end-to-end contract process with superior user experience and a digital infrastructure designed specifically to manage legal documents. Outlaw helps organizations transform their contract processes, accelerating contract cycles, streamlining negotiation, ensuring compliance and enhancing workflow productivity. Our client base includes organizations across multiple verticals such as legal, healthcare, construction, financial services, including Rise by Barclays and Agoda (part of You can learn more about Outlaw’s capabilities here




ThoughtRiver is a legal-tech company with a global presence. Our contract pre-screening tool addresses a fundamental business problem: you don’t know whether you need to read a contract without reading it. We were founded in early 2016 and our technology was developed by working closely with senior NLP and machine learning experts at Cambridge University.