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Contract management doesn’t need to be hard, risky and expensive! ContractSafe is an easy to use and affordable cloud solution that cures your contract headaches.

ContractSafe helps companies organize and quickly find contracts and provisions, and also sends out alerts for any key dates (compliance, renewal, termination, payment, etc). It has robust reporting and role-based permissions so you can control what your employees can do and see in your account. And ContractSafe offers white glove support to help new customers get all their existing contracts organized in their account. 

ContractSafe has award-winning ease-of-use, best-in-class customer service and ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence to allow quick implementation and simple management. 

Find out why organizations like California Pizza Kitchen, Dollar Shave Club, Ted Talks, Payscale,, The University of Arizona and S.F. MOMA trust their contracts to ContractSafe. 




Heretik is a Relativity application that marries powerful text analysis machine learning models and flexible document review capabilities to structure contract data across entire organizations for smarter, faster, and more favorable decisions.  Because Heretik is built on top of Relativity, customers can extend their favorite e-Discovery tool to corporate transaction teams, eliminating manual review processes and enhancing best practices with minimal disruption.




Swap jargon with clarity. Because no one ever complains that something is too easy to read.





TermScout has created the world’s first system for rating contracts and contract provisions across an industry, TermScores.  For buyers who need more than a rating, TermScout produces affordable TermReports on vendor contracts, summarizing key issues, comparing against other competitors in the market, and offering actionable negotiating tips driven by real market data.  Finally, for sellers in competitive markets, TermScout provides services to help stand out among competitors by having great, fair contracts – and we make sure your customers know about it.   For the best contracts, TermScout offers the world’s first Certified Fair Contracts badge.