IACCM’s purpose in sponsored events is to provide an optimal prospect engagement and networking environment while maintaining our commitment to respecting our members’ privacy.

We invite registered sponsor representatives to actively participate in all general event activities. 

Specifically, we encourage registered sponsors to attend meeting sessions, meal functions and receptions.  We believe that this level of participation provides an opportunity for our sponsor community to be fully informed of the event proceedings and provides a more natural, collegial environment for them to network with our members.

IACCM events are designed to showcase thought leadership and best practices in Contracts and Commercial Management.  Our events have a long standing reputation of being gatherings of leading expert practitioners and executives to share their experience and knowledge.  IACCM members are the core of our event presenters, and they participate in not only their own sessions but throughout the entire event.  This contributes to the networking opportunities for all event participants and the community atmosphere at IACCM events.

Interested in becoming a sponsor for an IACCM Conference? Contact Bob Emery at for more information.

Event Sponsors



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