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Expand your startup business by reaching new audiences at our conference - we are looking for enthusiastic startup companies who have a relevant product or service for our delegates which include contract, commercial and procurement professionals and lawyers.

This is a unique chance to be in front of senior managers from more than 120 organisations, including some of the world’s top corporations. As part of the IACCM Startup Hub, you have the following opportunities:

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The companies listed joined us in 2019

Featured Startups


Bigle Legal

Bigle legal is the next-generation end-to-end document automation platform. Our mission is to transform the way law firms, real estate professionals, notaries and in-house legal teams at any business create and manage documents. It’s time to say goodbye to repetitive tasks and refocus your efforts on high-value consultancy and customer-centric work – and grow your business.

Our secure cloud-based platform automates your complex documents and allows you to create new contracts in under 5 minutes. With fully customizable document templates, dynamic forms and EU-compliant digital signatures, legal teams can save hundreds of thousands of Euros a year in repetitive paperwork. 


Brooklyn Vendor Assurance

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance (Brooklyn VA) is the first Enterprise SaaS Software platform specifically designed for Supplier Relationship Managers (SRMs) to help Procurement organisations maximise value for money across their 3rd Party Supplier ecosystem.

Procurement and SRM are vital corporate functions that are taking on more and more importance as companies (1) outsource certain capabilities that are core to their business, and (2) rely on supplier partnerships to drive innovation.  High-performing companies recognize the merit in digitizing and enabling their SRM resource pool.

BrooklynVA is built for this purpose. It is a great leap beyond the first-generation questionnaires and survey-generators on the market today. It takes a new, lightweight approach and drives the process of managing, scoring, negotiating, and collaborating effectively with vendors and obtaining very high value and true strategic alignment. The goal is to deliver a compelling and enduring new capability for assuring highest value for money across a company's vendors.

Brooklyn uses best-practices frameworks, lightweight workflow, and management oversight to increase the coverage quality and capability of the Procurement and Vendor Management office, putting the SRM  in control and resulting in quick and demonstrable ROI.



ClauseBase is revolutionary contract drafting software, launched in 2018 by ex-attorneys from international law firms who were fed up with the limited capabilities of existing products. ClauseBase re-envisions the traditional approach taken by most incumbents by transforming documents into stacks of intelligent clauses. This allows for the easy creation of complex documents while ClauseBase ensures internal consistency in terminology, grammar, styling, language, definitions, cross-referencing, and many more. Our solution empowers lawyers and legal departments to facilitate the contract drafting process and to outsource it to business users in a secure and intuitive manner. 



ContracTool is a digital transformation company introducing Contract Lifecycle Management solution, primary focus of which is to help companies streamline, automate and improve their contract management. This is done via effective SaaS tool that goes together with restructuring of contract management process according to client’s need. Simultaneously, with the help of their science research team, ContracTool is working on fulfilling it's complete mission - transform antiquated contracts industry utilizing components of AI - Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) - into effective autonomous environment.



INHUBBER is a B2B SaaS contract lifecycle management platform enabling full control over the performance-based contracts. INHUBBER contracts are created based on the business-process-oriented approach. Embedding of formal business process description directly into the body of a contract makes it self-executable. It allows contracts to observe the real process state and to implement the contract conditions. As a result, INHUBBER boosts the trackability of the contract state and compliance with the in-house and outer processes. This is accomplished by putting business process owners in charge of modeling and managing contracts, using their business process perspective. Other stakeholders from each contracting party can be involved in the creation, negotiation and controlling.



Pactumize was elected as one of 30 most innovative tech startups in Sweden Co-Lab, with great exposure in the Swedish pavilion at Hannover Messe 2019 - the world's largest technology fair.

Pactumize Contract Builder together with Pactumize Negotiation Room, creates the ultimate contract management system for large and midsized companies. Negotiations can be streamlined in a safe and encrypted negotiation room - in order to make better and more efficient business. Pactumize Negotiation Room will be the standard SaaS platform for contract negotiations between large and mid-sized companies for the next decade. There are no technical limitations to scale the model on lots of different markets. In addition to the commercial advantages, the platform will also promote dispute resolution out of court, with the benefits of the whole society with falling costs. Furthermore, at full use of our digital contract management platform, where no paper is used, where no resource-intensive trips to a large number of meetings are necessary, significantly less hours are spent on the business deals – there is also a reduction in resource consumption. Thus, it can help the climate.

Pactumize has a large German customer; Axel Springer, the largest digital publishing house in Europe. Headquartered in Berlin, the company is active in more than 40 countries with subsidiaries, joint ventures, and licensing. Pactumize Contract Builder has increased efficiency and speeds up the business. The configured and legally pre-approved contract clauses used by business departments ensures compliance and speeds up business without taking time from the legal team.



Uthority – Making complicated legalese understandable by everyone

82% of people experience difficulties to comprehend legal language in letters they receive from authorities. Uthority helps you to understand the legalese.

We started at the Global Legal Hackathon in February 2019 in Frankfurt (Main) Germany. The MMP is planned for the first half of 2019. A simplified version of our tool shall stay free, to help everyone in getting the access to justice they need.

How does it work?

With the simple touch of a finger on a smartphone, you can take a picture of the letter. We OCR it and use different machine learning algorithms to extract the information like date (never miss a deadline again) or address.
Even if the letter is in a foreign language, Uthority provides an automated translation. If it is a letter you need to reply on, we have the templates you can rely on.