The Innovation and Excellence Awards EMEA

Our IACCM Innovation & Excellence Awards 2019 celebrates success stories from around the world.

Here are this year's finalists and winners:

Award for personal initiative


Awarded to an individual practitioner who has shown outstanding leadership or endeavor in delivering value and raising the profile of contract and commercial management and in managing contracts fairly and openly. We are looking for professionals across the globe who can demonstrate success in creating an atmosphere of openness, cooperation, trust, honesty, commitment and mutual understanding among team members and between contracting parties. You can nominate yourself, someone on your team or an individual from one of your customer or supplier relationships.

Award for operational improvement

Awarded for initiatives that have delivered significant business value through an improved commercial or contracting process or practices.

Award for strategic direction

Awarded for initiatives that have raised the strategic profile and contribution of the commercial or contracting process or function.

Award for outstanding service provider

Awarded to consultants, service or application providers who have led or enabled high-value initiatives at client organizations.

Award for delivering social and economic benefit

Awarded for initiatives that deliver meaningful change and significant impact, fulfilling the vision of IACCM.


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